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An Official White House Web Site to Ban Rush Limbaugh

 An official White House web site is hosting a petition calling for Rush Limbaugh's radio show to be banned from Armed Forces Radio -- the radio network that reaches America's military worldwide.

The petition claims “a moral objection to our tax dollars being used for such a purpose.” Just this morning, the petition received the required 25,000 signers to warrant an "official response" from the White House to this petition. 

This is part of the Left's attack campaign against conservatives. They want to censor the only conservative voice on the AFR weekday lineup which includes liberal activst Ed Schultz, who called  Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut."

 As I noted, the White House-hosted petition just crossed the 25,000-signer goal and now warrants an "official response" from the White House. Meanwhile, a petition to stop this outrageous effort to silence Rush and the conservative voice on the same White House web site has just a few hundred signers.

 Let's be clear. Rush made a mistake. But he openly and forthrightly apologized. But that doesn't matter to the Left. They want him censored and banned from Armed Forces Radio. The Progressive left is doing anything and everything to do away with our freedom. They are not only using the U. S. Constitution for toilet paper, they are stomping and shredding it to pieces. I'm against violence but step on, spit on, burn or disrespect the flag or the Constitution of these United States you are doing the same to me and I will not tolerate it. 

The creator of this petition is:

Mike M

Dayton, OH
March 11, 2012
Signature # 1

 If the creator of this petition happens to read this I have a question to ask, by doing this don’t you realize that you will also lose your freedom to say what you want? By censoring one you censor all; by taking one freedom away you take all freedom away. So Mike M, before all your freedom is taken away use the freedom you have and go live somewhere else.

 This is the link to the petition:!/petition/keep-rush-limbaugh-afn-radio-equally-target-liberal-entertainers-who-offend-us-dont-threaten-free/cNSg8LMv