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Build an Army of American Christians

April 27, 2014

By: Jim Paullus

We need to awaken, motivate and build an army of American Christians "Committed" to putting forth the effort to removing from power the destroyers, i.e. corrupt and evil doers, and replace them with people that have solid Christian values.

This happens with the Bible and U.S. Constitution in one hand and the American Flag in the other hand as we go among the masses and educate them about the examples of Jesus Christ, our Constitution, the intent of our founding fathers, about coming elections and our responsibility to go vote our Christian values on election day.

Our efforts to Restore America as, "One Nation Under God," requires our prayers, words and "Actions."

God's words are power able to create all of creation. Our words without prayer and "Actions," are only useless words without results.

It deeply troubles me when I walk into a Church and the American flag or Cross or both are missing. It tells me the people of that church no longer place importance on the, "Great Sacrifice," that has been made for our Freedom.

Jesus paid a huge sacrifice on the cross to free us from sin. Brave American men and women paid a huge sacrifice on the battle fields to free us so we can exercise God's free will in us and worship Him.

The cross represents the blood of Jesus Christ that gave us freedom. The flag's red stripes represent the blood of American men and women that gave us freedom.

Isn't the blood of both worthy of remembrance? Without such commitment and sacrifice where would we be? I believe the Church is the perfect place where God and Country should unite as one.

History has proven nations can not stand without God and it is very difficult for people to worship God without a nation that defends peoples right to worship Him.

Our Constitution, "Does Not," separate our churches from the nation. It separates government, "Interference," from our churches.

Today's Americans and Christians have been brainwashed into forgetting and dismissing this most important, "Truth." A Restored America as "One Nation Under God," means God and America are united as, "One."

So...put the Cross and American Flag back in the church houses and become united as, "One."

I encourage each of you and anyone else to share these my articles and words with as many as you may desire to do so.

Best Regards and God Bless America,

Jim Paullus – Founder

Restore Freedom America – “One Nation Under God”

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