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Speaker Boehner: "This is Not the End of the Fight" for Keystone Energy Jobs
Posted by Katie Boyd & Don Seymour on January 18, 2012
Washington (Jan 18)

At a press conference on January 18, 2012, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and other House Republicans blasted the Obama administration’s decision to deny new jobs to tens of thousands of Americans and surrender America’s energy security to China by rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline.  Speaker Boehner pledged to continue fighting for the thousands of much-need jobs the pipeline will create - especially for those hit hardest by the Obama administration’s disastrous economic policies.  Following are video and text of Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

Time: about 2 min.


“President Obama is destroying tens of thousands of American jobs and shipping American energy security to the Chinese. There’s really – there’s no other way to put it: the President is selling out American jobs for politics.

“The President was given the authority to block this project only – and only – if he believes it’s not in the national interest of the United States. Is it not in the national interest to create tens of thousands of jobs here in America with private investment? Is it not in the national interest to get energy resources from an ally like Canada as opposed to some countries in the Middle East?

“The President has said he’ll do anything that he can to create jobs. Today that promise was broken. The president expedited the approval of the Solyndra loan project, but won’t approve a project that’s been under review for over three years.

“Yesterday, the president’s own Jobs Council said the energy pipeline projects like this one can create hundreds of thousands of American jobs. The unions support it. The states along the proposed route support it. And it has bipartisan support here in the Congress of the United States – and yet the president decided to reject it anyway. The President won’t stand up to his political base even in the name of creating American jobs. And now Canada is going to have to look to other nations like China to sell its oil reserves to.

“Listen, the president’s policies are making the economy worse, rather than better.  And this latest decision is just but the latest example. I’ll just say this: this is not the end of the fight. Republicans in Congress will continue to push this because it’s good for our country, and it’s good for our economy, and it’s good for the American people – especially those who are looking for work.”