President Trump stood up for our law enforcement officers

trump pushed back against the rising tide of crime with three key Executive Orders

February 11, 2017

DESPERATELY NEEDED: President Trump’s actions respond to past failures to address rising crime throughout the country.

BUILDING ON PAST ACTION: President Trump is building on his initial actions to restore public safety by securing the border and tackling disregard for the law.

A LAW ENFORCEMENT LEADER: Jeff Sessions is an Attorney General Americans can trust to restore public safety to communities across the country.

HONORING AND LISTENING: President Trump has shown his commitment to law enforcement officers, thanking them for their service and discussing how to reverse rising crime.

FOLLOWING THROUGH: President Trump gave his commitment to the American people during the election that he would address public safety and lawlessness.

Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/02/11/president-trump-acts-restore-public-safety-and-protect-law-enforcement