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Rep Nan Hayworth on GOP Jobs Bills and Full Year Payroll Tax Relief Extension

Washington, Jan 6, 2012 - in the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) highlights Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators and House-passed jobs bills awaiting action in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  Among those bills is legislation that incorporates key elements of the president’s jobs plan, including tax incentives for business expensing, a full-year extension of payroll tax relief, and a full-year extension of unemployment insurance.  Rep. Hayworth, who represents New York’s 19th Congressional District, is one of the House GOP negotiators charged with completing this jobs bill so it can be enacted into law.  In the address, Rep. Hayworth also marks the one-year anniversary of the Tucson, AZ shooting that took six lives. 

“Hello, I’m Representative Nan Hayworth from the great state of New York.

“As always, the new year brings fresh hopes and aspirations.  Unfortunately, too many of our fellow citizens begin 2012 with worries about keeping their jobs and paying their bills. 

“Finding work in this economy remains a struggle, and Friday’s jobs report is the latest evidence of that.  Three years ago at this time, the incoming Obama Administration claimed its ‘stimulus’ would keep unemployment below eight percent.  Well, unemployment has now been above eight percent for 35 straight months, the longest such stretch since the Great Depression.  Roughly 13 million Americans are looking for jobs.

“Leaders in Washington should have no higher priority this year than getting our economy back to creating jobs.  

“The foundation for action is already in place.  Right now, there are nearly 30 jobs bills passed by the House with support from both Republicans and Democrats that are awaiting action in the Democratic-run Senate.  The Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators is designed to empower small businesses and get government out of their way. 

“One vote is all each of these jobs bills needs to get to the president’s desk, and it’s disappointing the Senate hasn’t acted.  After all, these proposals fulfill common-sense priorities like addressing excessive regulations, encouraging entrepreneurship, and making Washington live within its means.

“One of these bills, in fact, would implement key elements of the president's own plan, including tax incentives for business expensing, a full-year extension of payroll tax relief, and a full-year extension of unemployment insurance.  I serve as one of the negotiators ready to work with our Democratic counterparts to get a full-year payroll tax cut enacted into law. 

“While the Republican-led House has passed a full year extension of the payroll tax holiday, the Senate, controlled by the president's own party, has not.

“More jobs bills are in the works.  In the coming weeks, the House will consider job-creating proposals to reduce unnecessary and burdensome regulations, and repair and improve America’s roads and bridges. Instead of just spending more on short-term fixes, we’d be permanently removing government barriers to job creation.   And we hope these bills won’t be bottled up by partisan politics, as well. 

“Indeed, all of this requires the help – and the leadership – of the president.  We are hopeful that President Obama, in his State of the Union Address, will express a willingness to work with Republicans to enact all of these jobs bills.  The American people know we have our disagreements, but they rightly expect us to work together to find areas where we can agree and act.  Republicans remain ready and willing to do just that.

“Finally, you may recall that last year’s State of the Union occurred in the shadow of one of the saddest days in recent memory.  One year ago this Sunday, a madman opened fire on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents outside a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona. Six people were killed, including Gabe Zimmerman, an aide to the congresswoman.  In those difficult hours, Americans reminded the world that no act of violence would silence the dialogue of democracy.  All of us who have the privilege to serve with Gabby continue to pray for her recovery.  We remain grateful to those who have sent thoughts and prayers to her, to her family, and all those who were affected.

“In the year ahead, the spirit of service and fellowship can inspire us in Washington.  We can be honest about the challenges we face and we can be equal to the task. 

“Thank you for listening, and God bless America.”