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The Republican establishment is attacking Ted Cruz again. 

February 24, 2014

This time they're upset because he tried to stop Congress from giving President Obama a blank check to run up the debt.

The outcome of this debate is important because it illustrates why Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment want to marginalize and destroy Ted Cruz.

Republicans in Washington like to play a game called
"Hope Yes, Vote No" where they help liberal bills move through the legislative process, but vote against them on the final vote to make voters think they oppose them.

For example, Republicans had the votes to block the debt bill, but Mitch McConnell told them to look the other way so the bill could be passed by the Democrats with a simple majority vote. This would allow Republicans like him to pretend they oppose it while secretly helping it pass.

Fortunately, Ted Cruz objected to the trick and fought to defeat the bill by requiring 60 votes to advance it. This prompted twelve Republicans led by Mitch McConnell to vote for cloture with the Democrats to help pass the bill. They opposed it on the final vote, but it was too late. The game of "
Hope Yes, Vote No" was over and the entire country saw where they really stood.

This is also what happened last year when Ted Cruz fought to defeat the bill that funded Obamacare. His colleagues wanted to look the other way so the Democrats could pass it without a fight, but Ted Cruz and Mike Lee refused.

When the Democrats needed 60 votes to fund Obamacare, Mitch McConnell was with them, but when the Democrats only needed 51 votes, he was against them. Instead of secretly hoping the bill would pass and pretending to oppose it, McConnell had to publicly vote for it.


The establishment doesn't fault Ted Cruz for saying he opposes liberal policies. They hate him because he actually works to stop those policies.

They're mad because when Ted Cruz fights for our principles it makes it impossible for them to disguise their true beliefs. 

Two weeks before the vote on debt limit, Mitch McConnell said it would be "irresponsible" to pass it. But after Ted Cruz took a stand, McConnell voted for it and said it would "protect the country" from default. Mitch McConnell's true colors were exposed.

And so now the Republican establishment in Washington is attacking Ted Cruz again. He won't play their Beltway games so they're determined to destroy him.

Mitch McConnell, of course, is afraid to publicly attack Ted Cruz so he's doing it behind closed doors and through his operatives and friends in the media. 

The attacks are familiar. They say Ted Cruz isn't principled and is selfishly promoting himself at the expense of the party. It's garbage.

We have never seen a politician take more arrows and bullets for our principles than Ted Cruz. If he were looking out for himself, he wouldn't keep fighting and subject himself to this kind of abuse.

And nobody has done more to give Americans a reason to support Republicans over the past year than Ted Cruz. Rather than only giving lip service to their values, he has shown people that there are some leaders in Washington who will fight for them. It's why thousands of people show up to hear the first term senator speak at events all across the country.

The best way for conservatives to respond to these attacks is to send Ted Cruz more reinforcements.

We need more conservatives in the Senate fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. That is what the establishment fears most. They can only continue to fool the voters if every Republican plays along.