In October 1813 men was enlisting in the army at Knoxville, Tennessee to fight in the War of 1812, under Col. Samuel Bunch and Capt William Jobe. Some was discharged in 1814. Later they received a land grant in Alabama where they lived until their death. These men swore in an affidavit to the following facts. This affidavit is in the Court Records in Jackson Co., Alabama. This is a handwritten document and is signed by each man.


Their campaigns were with Colonel Samuel Bunch who commanded two separate regiments at different times during the war.  One regiment of Colonel Samuel Bunch was a three-month enlistees, in the brigade of General James White, in which they participated in the action against the tribe of Creeks known as the Hillabees ( November 18, 1813). Although Andrew Jackson was negotiating a peace proposal with this tribe, the East Tennesseans under General White were not aware of this situation when they attacked the Hillabee village. This attack by White's brigade, aided by a band of Cherokees, led to a stubborn resistance by the Hillabees until the end of the Creek War.