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PATRIOTS FOR FREEDOM Gov officials are trying to lead us from capitalism into socialism. In order to stop this, Patriots across the Country must make their voices heard with their vote in 2010 and 2012. Our intention is to stop Dems. or Reps. in Congress who are lining their pockets while taking Americans prosperity away.
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FREEDOM fighter  Freedom Fighter is designed to allow people to speak their true thoughts and feelings concerning Big Government, out of control spending, government controlled health care and other important issues of today. I welcome your opinion, pro or con. Please refrain from using any profanity in your comments.

What prompted this blog site was seeing those freedoms slowly eroding and worse, people allowing those freedoms to be taken from them. Freedom to speak, freedom to be stand for their rights, freedom to live their lives without the omnipresent scrutiny of our government.

In the 60's, our youth, our minorities, our people, knew how to fight for change. When a situation warranted it, people turned out en-masse to tell the government that they work for us and they demanded change. Our government listened. In the subsequent decades, we had strong leadership setting the course for America and aiding in the freedom of others. There was no greater moment for freedom than when the Berlin wall fell and with it, the Communist led Soviet super-bloc.

That is not the story today. People do not speak out. When they do our elected officials do not listen. They do not listen to the people nor do they listen to each other. We have gridlocked government seeking to rule every aspect of our lives on things we never asked for.

Its time for change, time to speak the common truth and use that truth to shed the light of day on what needs to change. Then, we must take action to effect that change.