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COMMENTS of 2015-2016

I'm just thinking about how this country is being run.  If you would like to email me feel free to do so. Want to make a comment on any of these topics Go to Our Forum.

I was told as a kid that when someone was talking bad about you and began making things up about you they were really afraid of you.

So when the Liberal Progressives keep talking and making things up about the TEA Party folks, what they are really saying is that they are afraid of us. The reason they are afraid of us is because we stand for the truth and they can't stand it.

Let's keep dishing out the truth so that they will show their true colors; RED.

This is a song that I really like.

My fellow Patriots remember this, without faith there is no hope, without hope there is no freedom and with out freedom this Great Country of ours will not exist. Don't give up, keep fighting to keep this great country of ours.

If you learn the truth about the past and you teach the truth of the past, hopefully the bad will not be repeated in the future.

True Patriots stand for freedom in any type of weather.

Without a since of morality this country can not survive.

I'm against violence but step on, spit on, burn or disrespect the flag or the Constitution of these United States you are doing the same to me and I will not tolerate it and violence you shall have.

We have to tell the parents and grandparents to educate the children about what America is about. Because the school systems are failing to teach them the real and true history. We ourselves must learn more about our heritage. If you learn the truth about the past and you teach the truth of the past, hopefully the bad will not be repeated in the future. You also just have to teach 5 people and in turn tell each of the 5 to teach 5. 


I'm always on the right side and the right side is the side of Jesus Christ and the U. S. Constitution.

We The People need to get this new congress to do something more than just be lawmakers. They need to be Patriots and lead because we shouldn't have to follow any ones lead. We have people with the best ideas; if we are unbound and not having to worry about all the PC crap we can be the best again. Let's keep the new congress's feet to the fire.


WE THE PEOPLE must respect the office of the President but we do not have to respect the person holding that office.

By avoiding conflict you are denying yourself freedom.




To the Honorable Speaker Boehner,

When you were elected to office you took an oath to represent “We the People” not to give you name recognition or set your own agenda. Sir I am truly disappointed in the way you have ran the House. “We the People” did not elect “Lap Dogs” to Obama and his regime. We elected you to keep this Country the way our Founding Fathers envisioned. Sir, if this keeps going on we will not have a Nation of free people, we’ll have a Nation of slaves. There are a lot of people in this country that is very upset at this funding bill for Amnesty and “Obamacare”. We told congress to defund these bills because that is the way we could defeat Amnesty and “Obamacare”. By not doing this you are expediting a civil unrest.

This massive and outrageous spending bill pushes through is not only loaded with pork, and not only fully funds Obamacare, it actually INCREASES spending to help those illegally crossing our borders. How can you with a clear conscience did you allow this to happen. Did you make any attempt at all to defund Obamacare? No you didn’t. You Sir broke your oath that you took when you were elected. I have been hoping and praying that this congress would start hearing the people but so far you have turned a deaf ear. This is what is causing civil unrest. We have congressmen telling us that you will do one thing but you did another. We used to be able to trust the ones we put into office but no more.

This country was built on an idea of that WE the PEOPLE would send someone to represent us not to rule over us. Sir, with all due respect I feel that you are putting this Nation under the bus. I am tired of Washington taking our money and flushing it down the toilet just because you think you can spend it any way you want. Our current congress is nothing like the founding fathers envisioned. If Madison, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were here today they would be throwing a fit. They sacrificed a lot to make this a one of a kind free country. They put country in front of family, they lost their wealth and a lot more; and this is what they would see! That Sir should not be allowed.

For God sake, this great nation of ours needs some leaders not whiners. This could be the last chance of our freedom and our liberty.


A Very Upset Voter, 

Kenneth Cook

P. O Box 374

Shallowater, TX  79363

P. S.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Bless GOD again and may He bless you.





Growing increasingly frustrated by the "symbolic actions" of fellow lawmakers, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) along with Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN), are calling on Congress to defund "King Obama's Executive Order amnesty." 

"We fought a bloody revolution to free ourselves from monarchs," said Cruz as he denounced President Obama's circumvention of Congress and dismantling of the Constitution…"What the President is doing is dangerous. If the President doesn't have to follow the law, what is the point of electing Congress?" 

Even the leftist rag The Washington Post has taken President Obama to task in his assertion that his immigration amnesty policy has been done before. In an op-ed, The Post shoots down Mr. Obama's rhetoric by concluding …  

"[I]t is increasingly clear that the sweeping magnitude of Mr. Obama's order is unprecedented ... Mr. Obama's move flies in the face of congressional intent — no matter how indefensible that intent looks."

The Post now finally acknowledges what we have been saying all along. President Obama's Executive Orders are an overreach of his authority! 

I, too, am appalled at President Obama's contemptible misuse of his office. I am urging every Patriot to join me in making sure our message to Stop Our Lawless President continues to build and gain momentum - not just on Capitol Hill, but throughout the nation! I demand that Congress put a stop to what Obama is doing to this Nation. “We the People” elected you to keep things like this from happening, so do your job!

President Barack H. Obama has presided over the most corrupt and scandalous administration in the history of our nation. His willful dismissal of our nation's laws as passed by Congress and his practice of "deeming" which laws he chooses to change, ignore, or enforce is an affront to the Constitution and the clearly defined balance of power in our government.   

As Representative Michelle Bachman said, "the legacy of Barack Obama will be the establishment of lawlessness in the United States.”" 

It is time to hold President Obama accountable for his lawless actions – as prescribed by the very Constitution he refuses to uphold.  

I am joined by tens of thousands of others who are declaring:  

We, the People of the United States of America, are calling on Members of the United States Congress to employ any and all lawful means to stop our lawless president, President Barack H. Obama, including taking legal action against him for failure to adhere to the authority and rule of law, and for open oppression of our liberties, as defined by the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights. 

Please take appropriate action to stop the tyranny of President Obama and bring an end to his autocratic rule.


Congress can stop Obama’s amnesty using its power of the purse


Pres. Obama has announced his executive action on immigration that will allow an estimated 5 million illegal aliens receive deferred action from removal and obtain Social Security numbers and work permits. This is a slap in the face to the 18 million Americans who want a full-time job, but can't find one and the of foreign citizens who are waiting in line to Congress

With a questionable use of executive authority, Pres. Obama has announced that he is expanding his 2012 DACA directive to grant amnesty and work permits to an estimated 5 million illegal aliens. Additionally, his action will help foreign tech workers live and work in the United States.

This action has come under heavy fire from Democrats and Republicans alike. Newly re-elected Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire said she "would not support a piecemeal approach issued by executive order." The President, himself, on more than 20 occasions has said he doesn't have the authority to expand DACA. What changed?

Congress has the power to stop this unlawful action by using the power of the purse. I strongly urge Congress to defund the President's action through the normal budgetary process. Defund Pres. Obama's executive action on immigration by passing a short term spending bill during the lame-duck session, so the next Congress can defund the President's action.

Republican Congress options for blocking the president's executive amnesty are few in number. The president can veto whatever legislation is passed, but a bill is unlikely to be passed because it is likely to be filibustered in the Senate. A spending bill is the only option. Passing a long-term omnibus spending bill before President Obama issues his executive actions to amnesty illegal aliens simply makes no sense. Why would your party give up the one chance it has to defund the president's amnesty? The American people voted at the polls against the president's plans. I hope you will make sure only a short-term bill is voted on by Congress during the lame-duck session.

Big businesses will hire cheap foreign labor to make huge profits while 19 million Americans are unable to find a full-time job. On top of this, 125,000 new foreign workers are brought to the U.S. each month. Something about this equation just doesn't seem right. It's totally unfair to give green cards to illegal aliens when 18 million Americans cannot find a full-time job.

Americans want Congress, not the president, to decide how to move forward on immigration. Republican Senators need to make a concerted and public effort to oppose the president's actions.


Obama to issue 10 point executive action Bottom of Form


President Obama has developed a list of 10 executive actions he is prepared to take in the coming weeks that would amnesty at least 4.5 million illegal aliens.  Midterm voters overwhelmingly indicated that they were against the president's use of executive actions to amnesty illegal aliens. 

 The executive action would:

  • Grant deferred action to 4.5 million illegal-alien parents of U.S. citizen children
  • Allow illegal aliens who came to the country under the age of 16 and before 2010 qualify for DACA
  • Extend a path to citizenship for 500,000 tech workers and their spouses
  • "Bolster" border security
  • End the Secure Communities information sharing program between ICE and local law enforcement
  • Increase pay for ICE agents to help boost morale

In a poll conducted by The Polling Company/WomanTrend of actual midterm voters, 74% of them said they wanted Pres. Obama to work with Congress on immigration rather than work around it. The new report that Pres. Obama plans to move before Thanksgiving makes it obvious that the President didn't get the message.

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have come out against the President's plan for executive action. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has said, "I'm of the opinion that the way this should be done is legislatively."

Congress can stop the President's total disregard for its legislative powers by stopping this executive action. I urge you to defund Pres. Obama's executive action using your Constitutionally-granted power of the purse.

More than 90 million working-age Americans are out of the labor force, and 18 million Americans who want a full-time job can't find one. But if Pres. Obama's executive action is anything like DACA, 4.5 million working-age, illegal aliens will receive work permits adding more competition to the job market for millions of unemployed Americans.

If these illegal-aliens want to become Americans, then I say come through the front door not the back. This way they can be screened for infectious diseases. We are compassionate people but we must protect ourselves and our children. I’m not for amnesty and neither should you; this will put us in a direct nose dive economically. When they come here illegally they take jobs away from us. They will become slaves to big companies because they can hire them for a lower wage. Then instead of putting the money they make back into the American economy they send it back to their country, this will stimulate theirs not America’s.




We all get emails and letters about how our Representatives need our help. They begin by telling you how the opposition is going to screw us. They want to know how we feel about the situation. Then comes the kicker, all they need is a donation to get the job done.

Well, I got to asking myself, “Why do they need a donation?” We sent them to congress to do a job and they get paid a salary. They get their materials paid for. They get their helpers salaries paid for, so why do they need a donation? To me, if I asked for a donation to do my job the boss would laugh me out of his office.

We voted them into office to do a job and that’s what I feel like they should do. We tell them what we expect them to do and we expect them to do it. Then they want a donation to do it, that’s unacceptable. I’m not that well off to just give away money for something that they should be able to do without more money. They can get their point across in front of their peers on the floor of congress; they don’t need money for that. They talked well enough to get voted into office so they should be able to get their point across on the floor; without a donation. If they need help I’ll help by getting people to listen to what they have to say, but I will not give money to them for doing their job.

This is what I feel about after election donations.




"The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become.”

These powerful words, stated by President Ronald Reagan, come to mind as I reflect on what today really means for every single person in America.

On this Veterans Day, I’d like to take a moment to express the deepest of appreciation for our courageous veterans who have protected our freedom and enabled this American dream. Both of my Grandpas served in the military and this had a profound impact on me as I was growing up. I can’t think of a better example of a hero than someone who is willing to be placed in harm’s way and even lay down his or her life in order to protect the freedoms and dreams of people they will never even meet.

Today it occurred to me that the closeness of Veterans Day and Election Day really serves as a great reminder to us of the inseparable link between our brave men and women in uniform and the freedoms we Americans are able to exercise. Thomas Jefferson reminded our nation that, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." One way I seek to maintain that vigilance is by making sure to vote -- but I don’t have to risk my life to do it. As I remember driving to the polls in past elections, it’s incredible to realize that many others have actually given their lives in order for me to be able to do that -- as well as so many other things I often take for granted.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” –Ronald Reagan


It’s No Longer A Question Of If Or When… ISIS Is Here

October 30, 2014

What Are You Thinking? What Is The Delay When It Comes To Passing The Expatriate Terrorist Act of 2014!

It has been reported that untold numbers of U.S. citizens and legitimate passport holders have gone to the Middle East and have joined ISIS. Social media sites are flush with postings from Islamic terrorists who are saying that plans are already underway to send these people to the United States to commit multiple and massive acts of terror on U.S. soil.

That being the case, the American people have a number of questions that deserve immediate answers: Read More


The Latest on Net Neutrality

September 14, 2014

Due to an FCC proposal presented back in May, the internet could soon have designated "fast lanes."  If this FCC proposal passes, web companies would be allowed to pay internet service providers for faster internet access. It was explained back in May that if the FCC's proposal goes into effect, big companies like Comcast will be the beneficiaries and smaller companies and end users will end up with slower internet access than we currently have (unless we are willing to pay more).
A backdrop to all of this is that both sides (companies like Comcast and web companies/advocacy groups) both seem to support net neutrality, muddying the issue. I believe the web companies and advocacy groups who believe the internet should remain as it is are the true proponents of net neutrality. These folks believe we should do away with the FCC proposal and have no internet "fast lanes."
When the FCC proposed the changes back in May, it designated a period of time through September 15, 2014 to receive open comments. I'm not sure if anyone expected yesterday's outpouring of comments and phone calls.
According to an article in Time, " . . . the FCC reported that its rule on net neutrality, which is open for public comments until Sept. 15, has officially generated more public comments–1.4 million and counting–than any other rule making in its history."
The Time article details a day-long, well organized campaign saying...

A coalition of tech companies and Open Internet activists claimed victory after a day-long campaign, Battle for the Net, succeeded in swamping the federal government with millions of public comments demanding that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) scrap its proposed rules governing net neutrality and write new ones.
Members of Congress were receiving an average of 1,000 calls per minute, according to Free Press, a public advocacy organization that underwrote the campaign in support of net neutrality, the notion that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all web content equally. Twenty seven advocacy organizations and a number of tech companies worked together to make this campaign a success. Companies like Twitter, Netflix, and others put an icon on their website making it easy for visitors to sign a letter to the FCC and contact their congressman. The most remarkable part was an application that made it possible to enter your phone number and zip code and immediately place a call to your congressman.
I hope this technology is made available to other advocacy organizations so they can more easily and quickly make their voices heard on important issues. On net neutrality, the FCC might redo the rules within the next few months or it might be tabled until next year.


Are You Really Going to Give Up

September 6, 2014


America was built by those who refused to believe that living under oppression was good enough. For more than fifty years, we have witnessed the growth of a  Federal government that has become more oppressive than any time in our history in the name of solving one social ill or another. This is exactly what the Founding Fathers warned us about in their writings and what was enshrined in the Constitution.

Many of you may be ready to give up and accept that there is nothing an individual can do to stop the creeping socialism that is infesting our country. Watching weak leaders capitulate to special interests in the name of political correctness has become common place. Every issue of the day is turned into a crisis designed to push our country closer to the edge of a totalitarian society. They know that the more frustrated you become, the easier it will be to complete their plans to "fundamentally change America".

Most of you see clearly what is going on but are you ready to fight like those before us? I am not talking about a violent revolution because for now, we have another way. We have the most important election of our lives in a few short weeks where we the people can finally say, enough is enough.  Or, we can drown ourselves in excuses about why it just doesn't matter anymore.

I grew up in an America of opportunity where with hard work and a little ingenuity, those with the drive to work hard for their dreams was able to accomplish greatness. Today, the attitude of many of our citizens is being replaced by accepting what the government is willing to give them. This is not only sad, it places us in the most dangerous situation possible where people stop working for a living and start voting for a living. This is the dream of the socialist left, to create a dependent society where they get to call the shots.

If you want those like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi deciding what your lot in life will be, then by all means, stay on the sidelines and accept the results. If you want to stop them, then today is the time to get involved in the effort to stop them from destroying our great nation, not tomorrow.

I don't like asking for contributions any more than you like being asked. As a true grassroots organization, those like George Soros are not pumping millions into our effort to stop the radical left from selling our children into financial slavery because that is their goal. We rely on everyday Americans to join with us and thankfully, we don't need as much as they do because we have the truth on our side.

Fight back or sit on the sidelines, it is up to you. The beauty of the American system is that you have the right to choose. When you are deciding, keep in mind that the goal of the so called Progressives is to take away your right to self determination and that of your children and grandchildren.



 July 28, 2014 


Some days it is difficult to determine which is worse, the Obama Administration's careless disregard for Constitutional limits of the Executive Branch or establishment politicians like House Speaker John Boehner who refuse to stop them.

America is being overrun by illegal immigrants at a pace never before seen. The main stream media will only talk about unaccompanied children when in reality, more than 70% of those flooding our nation are not only adults, many of them are gang members connected with Mexican drug cartels.

Harry Reid said the other day, "I have been told that the border is secure". Typical of a slimy politician who knows that the border is more open than ever before but uses "unnamed sources" to back up his lies. When it becomes clear that he was lying, he can simply blame the source of his information.

The only way we can save our country is to strip the gavel out of the grimy hands of Harry Reid in November and take back the Senate by electing people who will put America first. This is the fight of our lives and it’s going to take the efforts of each and every one of us to save the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

The fact that you understand what is at stake is why I know that we must prevail against a machine bent on destroying the very fabric of America. You understand that only together we can return to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers gave us and stop the corruption in Washington DC by electing people who will represent the people rather than their friends who make billions through handouts and special treatment.

This is a call to arms but this war will be won at the ballot box in November. Together we can turn the good ship America away from the rocks and back to where you and I know it should be; a shining city on the hill for all to see.

 It's about time that Obama and congress get an attitude adjustment. Remember “We the People” are the Government and we send our elected officials to represent us. When the elected officials stop representing The People it is time for them to answer to The People. I have been hoping and praying that this congress will start hearing the people but so far they turn a deaf ear. We used to be able to trust the ones we put into office but no more. So get out and vote for true Conservatives, people like a Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or a Sarah Palin. Vote for men and women that won’t be afraid to speak up against a corrupt government. Vote for men and women that will listen to “We the People”.


Please pray for the Pelletier family

March 30, 2014

As you and tens of millions of Americans gather to worship and pray, please remember the Pelletier family in your prayers. 

Justina Pelletier, the 15-year-old girl imprisoned by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), is prohibited from attending religious services.

 She is denied visitation by clergy, with no allowance for religious observances including Easter and Christmas. Justina has also been refused access to education, putting her far behind in her studies.

Late last week, the Pelletiers were reportedly notified that their weekly visitation rights had been...Read More


The Republican establishment is attacking Ted Cruz again. 

February 24, 2014 

This time they're upset because he tried to stop Congress from giving President Obama a blank check to run up the debt.

The outcome of this debate is important because it illustrates why Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment want to marginalize and destroy Ted Cruz.

Republicans in Washington like to play a game called
"Hope Yes, Vote No" where they help liberal bills move through the legislative process, but vote against them on the final vote to make voters think they oppose them.

For example, Republicans had the votes to block the debt bill, but Mitch McConnell told them to look the other way so the bill could be passed by the Democrats with a simple majority vote. This would allow Republicans like him to pretend they oppose it while secretly helping it pass...Read More


Holder Creates His Own Laws, Usurps Constitutional Authority

February 13, 2014


United States Attorney General Eric Holder, this week, has again overstepped the boundaries of the law when he arbitrarily ordered that homosexual couples will now receive government benefits reserved only for natural marriage status. This applies even in states that have laws defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

Taking a nod from the playbook of his boss, President Barack Obama, Holder wielded his own pen and paper, trampling on states' rights and disenfranchising voters in states defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.

It is time for Eric Holder to go!

The House of Representatives has set forth articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanor.

H. RES. 411 charges Holder with multiple indictments, including:

  1.  Refusal to comply with a subpoena issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding Operation Fast and Furious.
  2.  Failure to enforce multiple laws, including the Defense of Marriage Act, the Controlled Substances Act, and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986.
  3.  Refusal to prosecute the IRS officials involved in the targeting and disclosure of tax records belonging to political donors.
  4.  Lying under oath before Congress about the Justice Department investigation of journalist James Rosen.

It is the sworn duty of every member of Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Allowing Eric Holder to remain in office unchallenged is a violation of that duty. Action must be taken to stop the abuse of power in the attorney general’s office.

There is no room for political corruption in government and when it is discovered, it is the duty of Congress to take immediate and swift action against it.


Obama's Unilateral Action Harms Legal Immigrants and American Families

A new article from the New York Times suggests that President Obama's unilateral deferred deportation program for young illegal aliens is diverting resources to the extent that family members of U.S. citizens and legal residents are having a hard time entering the country:

Many thousands of Americans seeking green cards for foreign spouses or other immediate relatives have been separated from them for a year or more because of swelling bureaucratic delays at a federal immigration agency in recent months.

The long waits came when the agency, Citizenship and Immigration Services, shifted attention and resources to a program President Obama started in 2012 to give deportation deferrals to young undocumented immigrants, according to administration officials and official data.

The trouble that American citizens have faced gaining permanent resident visas for their families raises questions about the agency’s priorities and its readiness to handle what could become a far bigger task. After Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio said on Thursday that the House was not likely to act on an immigration overhaul this year, immigrant advocates are turning up their pressure on Mr. Obama to expand the deferral program to include many more of the 11.7 million immigrants in the country illegally....Read More


Defining Amnesty for Boehner

A new "Q&A" page on Speaker John Boehner's website says that the new immigration principles released at last week's GOP retreat are not an amnesty

Isn’t your approach “amnesty”?

No. Just the opposite is true. Right now, there are few, if any, consequences for living here illegally. What we have now is amnesty. Using tough standards, the House’s approach would prohibit a special path to citizenship for those living here outside the law. Before anything else, these individuals would have to admit they broke the law. In addition, they would have to: Read More


No IRS Bonuses

 February 9, 2014

The IRS is giving out tens of millions of dollars in bonuses to its employees in the wake of scandal.

The same employees who illegally targeted conservative groups will be rewarded for their shameful behavior.

The IRS says they're giving bonuses to "boost morale" at the tax agency. The IRS doesn't need morale - it needs to stop targeting its political opponents - regular people like me.

There should be no bonuses for an agency that was caught discriminating against its political enemies. I demand that these bonuses be returned to the people immediately.


Governor Bobby Jindal Supports Immigration Reform

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went on CNN's "State of the Union" program this weekend and made it clear that he supports passing "comprehensive immigration reform":

When it comes to immigration, we've got completely backwards system today. What I believe we need is a system of high walls and a broad gate. Right now, we've got the opposite. We've got low walls and a narrow gate. What I mean by that is we make it very difficult for people to come here legally. We make it very easy for people to come here illegally.

I think we should also let more people come into our country legally because it's good for us. When people want to come here, work hard, get an education, play by the rules, that's good for America. And so, I think that this is a problem we can address.

I think we should do it because it's the right thing to do for the country. Let's not just do it because a pollster tells us one thing or another. Let's do it because it's wrong. Look, right now, we're educating some of the world's best and brightest then kick them out of our country to compete with us.

It's clear that Gov. Jindal's opinion on this issue isn't in sync with the majority of Republicans...Read More


Standards for Immigration Reform

 February 4, 2014

Late last week, the House Republican Leadership released a set of "immigration principles."  While some of these principles were positive -- such as securing the border and taking firm enforcement actions that President Obama cannot decide to ignore -- the document revolved around allowing the 12-18 million illegal aliens living in the United States to stay in the country and take U.S. jobs.  To put it clearly, this is nothing more than an amnesty and hardly any better than the Senate's "Gang of Eight" amnesty.

 I cannot understand why the new "Standards for Immigration Reform" include virtually every point of the Democrats' amnesty plans. How does it help the American people to legalize 11-18 million illegal aliens and give them work permits to boot? These are not the immigration "standards" “We the People” want or deserve.

It may be correct that these principles don't contain a "special path to citizenship," but they do contain a special path to take millions and millions of American jobs. They may say this isn't an amnesty, but the American people aren't fooled: this is an amnesty, plain and simple.

20 million Americans cannot find a full-time job and several times those numbers have left the workforce because they've given up looking for work. America needs jobs, not an amnesty for illegal aliens. These proposals demonstrate a total lack of respect for American workers and American voters.

These "immigration principles" are anything but, because as far as “We the People” are concerned, they are far from principled.

 If these illegal immigrants want to become Americans, then I say come through the front door not the back. Get you a sponsor, get a work visa (Green Card), pay their taxes then take your citizenship test. When this is done we will welcome you with open arms. Until then they are not welcomed.  


Reports Suggest House GOP Planning Amnesty Push

January 20, 2014

I was appalled to read news reports which suggest that House Republicans are readying a push to give illegal aliens work permits.  Why are leadership aides saying such things when they cannot possibly be true?

Reports have surfaced in many newspapers about the House Republicans' purported push for an amnesty.  The reports suggest that Republicans will push for "earned legal status" for illegal aliens and the articles suggest that anywhere from 4.4-6.5 million illegal aliens could eventually be put on a "path to citizenship."

Obviously, these reports are concerning and need to be addressed.

According to the National Journal:

 "John Boehner is planning to unveil a set of Republican principles for immigration reform before President Obama's State of the Union address, aiming to show the GOP is not hostile to legislation that might win them Hispanic voters.

 According to House leadership and immigration-policy aides, the principles will be broad, nebulous even, and heavily focused on Republicans' favorite immigration issue--border security. It will not include any concrete proposal, they said. Indeed, the wording is likely to be intentionally squishy, giving lawmakers lots of room to maneuver....

 The most recent set of principles was discussed Wednesday morning during a meeting of Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington."

 Why would the Republican leadership even think about pushing for this when the outcome would be millions of legalized illegal aliens and a breakdown of the rule of law?  It is very troubling thatthey see immigration as a "win-win," as the National Journal says.

 I also know that the House wouldn't support giving work permits to illegal aliens when even Sen. Marco Rubio, who helped to draft the "Gang of Eight" amnesty, says the House should not act:

 "Let me -- we have a legal immigration system that doesn't work and we do have people who are here illegally. Here's the fundamental problem with this issue that I think keeps it from moving forward: People say to you, and it's hard to argue against it at this point given what's happened over the last year, what they say is it doesn't matter what the law says, this administration won't enforce it; they've proven it time and again on Obamacare. You can write one thing in the law they'll ignore. How do you argue against that? Even people who would like to do something on this are finding it difficult to argue against that."


Sen. Moran’s Amendment To Increase Legal Immigration - Help STOP it!

January 8, 2014

 Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) has introduced an amendment to the unemployment extension bill.  This amendment would add language that would grant an additional 125,000 foreign workers permanent visas each year.  It is totally wrong to attach an amendment to take jobs away from Americans in legislation to help jobless Americans.

 The Moran amendment, no. 2612, to the unemployment extension legislation must be opposed by you and all your colleagues.  It increases the number of foreign workers given permanent work visas and will only harm those Americans looking for jobs.  This amendment needs to be thoroughly discussed and doing so during an debate on how to help jobless Americans is the wrong time to do it.

 How can Congress even consider allowing in 125,000 new permanent foreign workers each year when more than 20 million Americans cannot find a full-time job?  Even more disturbing than this, how can you or any of your colleagues support increasing American unemployment in a bill that is supposed to help unemployed Americans?  I know it would be ironic, but  also heartless.

 There is a myth that America needs more STEM jobs in order to grow the economy.  This myth has been propagated by those who don't want to pay American workers a fair salary and would rather pay foreign workers a far lower wage.  A myth also exists that there simply are not enough STEM workers available.  This is also false as millions of STEM workers are either completely unemployed or working outside of their field.  On top of this, more than one-third of American college graduates are graduating in STEM fields.

 Attaching this language to this legislation would only engender poverty -- something this bill is supposed to help Americans out of.


Remove Boehner

 January 9, 2014

John Boehner declared war against the Tea Party.

Publicly and privately, Speaker of the House, John Boehner is waging war on the Tea Party, conservative Republicans, and our values.

Speaker Boehner is solely responsible for:

  • Continuing the funding of Obamacare and defeating Ted Cruz's efforts to defeat Obama's signature legislation;
  • Doing Barack Obama's bidding by raising taxes;
  • Cutting earned pensions for veterans and disabled vets, while protecting his own bloated pension;
  • Further bankrupting America by raising the debt ceiling without any meaningful concessions;
  • Single handedly passing signature legislation to massively increase the size, scope, and power of government;
  • Agreeing to pass Amnesty for those illegal immigrants who have broken our laws; and
  • Kicking courageous Tea Party congressman off of important, key House committees to remove conservative objections to his liberal policies.

Instead of partnering with Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to reform our government and put America back on the path to renewed greatness -- Speaker Boehner has chosen to curry favor with President Obama by cutting deals with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and sidling up to the liberal media -- all while stabbing Tea Party conservatives in the back.

It's time for John Boehner to go.

You see, not only has John Boehner declared war on the Tea Party -- he has declared war on you.

Boehner proved his true colors when he told you and the American people you have taken a "step over the line" for holding your elected representatives accountable for funding Obamacare, raising taxes, and bankrupting our nation.

In an even larger flare of arrogance, HE referred to your elected REPRESENTATIVES as "HIS" lawmakers.

 Just imagine if we had a Republican Speaker of the House who challenged Barack Obama instead of capitulating. Imagine if we had a true leader like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul who stood up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid instead of shrinking from a fight.

Can you imagine a conservative Speaker of the House who didn't cow-tow to the media and instead was an articulate spokesman for the principles of liberty?

That's why John Boehner has got to go.