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George Soros Pulling The Strings Behind The DREAM Act

The We Are America Alliance (staffed full of ACORN cronies) has funding from socialist George Soros' Democracy Alliance. According to the Democracy Alliance website, "...the Democracy Alliance was created to build progressive infrastructure that could help counter the well-funded and sophisticated conservative apparatus in the areas of civic engagement, leadership, media, and ideas."

ACORN and Soros are back in business after suing the United States Government claiming the "Defund ACORN Act" passed by the House and the Senate was "unconstitutional." This even after a video caught three ACORN employees allegedly telling a couple pretending to be a prostitute and her boyfriend to lie about her profession and launder her money?

George Soros founded the Democracy Alliance to push his dangerous policies and agendas. Since its founding in 2005, the Democracy Alliance has raised over $150 million dollars to promote George Soros' socialist issues. Some of Soros' favorite places to dump his vast fortune are the legalization of drugs, prostitution and amnesty for illegals.

It's not just ACORN and the Democracy Alliance who are behind the DREAM Act racket. Soros has created a complex and interrelated empire filled with dozens of progressive non-profits that are working together to pass the DREAM Act.

The Far-Reaching Tentacles Of George Soros' DREAM Act Push

With Obama's close friend Podesta is deeply ingrained in the immigration mix influencing Obama who is fully committed to amnesty even if he has to pass it ObamaCare-style. On November 16th, Obama met privately in the Oval Office with leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss (i.e. come up with a battle plan) on how to pass Reid's DREAM Act.

ACORN Behind The DREAM Act

Harry Reid is just the tip of the DREAM Act iceberg. ACORN is one of the biggest players pulling the strings to pass amnesty and free college for illegals. ACORN and the We Are America Alliance (WAAA) have a suspiciously cozy relationship.

WAAA is a progressive pro-immigration group. According to their website, "The We Are America Alliance was formed 2006 to advance immigration policy that respects the rights and fundamental dignity of all who call America home." That's liberal speak for amnesty and taxpayer funded benefits galore.

ACORN'S Online Director, Nathan Henderson-James, helped staff the We Are America Alliance full of ACORN employees. Holli Holliday, former National Director at ACORN'S Project Vote, is now the Executive Director of the WAAA. ACORN never really went away; it just moved their employees into WAAA.

ACORN: The Many Names Of Corruption

ACORN didn't just stop at creating "new" organizations. They also shuffled their scheming staffers into countless other extreme liberal organizations. Not only are the "new" ACORN bureaucracies busy giving themselves extreme makeovers; they're also hard at work making plenty of new friends in high places.