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 Barack Hussein Obama is determined to see the proposed UN Small Arms Treaty ratified. He knows if he doesn't get the job done by 2012, the task will likely fall on the next social progressive president. The left has been talking about global gun control since the 1960s.

They've been talking about it for so long, in fact, that when people hear it, most of them shrug because they believe the 2nd Amendment will prevent its implementation in the United States. That's wrong thinking because the moment you ignore any threat that threatens your security, the threat becomes reality.

 When you see the politicians, the career bureaucrats and the leftwing talking heads who gauge the reactions of the people on issues they want to implement, like the need for a global treaty to prevent the "bad guys"---drug dealers and gang members---from getting their hands on assault weapons and handguns by controlling who is allowed to sell them and who will be allowed to buy them. When that happens, the "bad guys" they're talking about are you and me. The real "bad guys" don't buy from licensed, regulated gun dealers. They buy them from other "bad guys" who also don't obey the laws that honest people obey.

We are extremely close to a critical time when our private firearms ownership rights, or our right to purchase new firearms may be at stake. With the rhetoric will come the attempt. The UN Small Weapons Treaty is on Barack Obama's agenda because it's on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's agenda. And since Hillary lacks the power to engage in her own agenda, she speaks with the Obama Administration's singular voice. When she says "UN Small Weapons Treaty" it's Obama's words she's speaking.

When Mr. Obama moves on this treaty, he will still control the U.S. Senate which is the only body that votes on ratification. If ratified, the UN Small Arms Treaty could do the following:

  1. It could require U. S. citizens to deliver any banned firearms they own to the local government "collection and destruction center"---or face imprisonment.
  2. It could prohibit any transfer of firearm ownership.
  3. It could require the destruction of "excess" firearms.
  4. It could prohibit firearm and ammunition manufacturers from selling to the public.
  5. It could require micro-stamping on all guns.

Since this involves an international treaty, it requires the United States Senate to agree with Obama. It takes two-thirds of the vote in the United States Senate to ratify an international treaty. In the election we just finished, the American people proved they speak with a voice of steel. That's why we must continue to be ABSOLUTELY PRO-ACTIVE now to insure that our freedoms, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution remains intact. Liberty will remain intact only as long as the 2nd Amendment remains intact.

 The Obama administration is "hell-bent" to take away your guns, so they can continue to expand their absolute control over the American people. If the treaty is ever ratified, the abuse from our own federal government will obsessively increase. Believe me; we do NOT want that---ever! This is very, very serious---and we must let our voices be heard! And heard overwhelmingly! This is our fight---yours and mine, continue to push this fight through to a victory in the U.S. Senate; and make it too costly for the left to pursue. You see, we're in this battle together. It's OUR fight. We want our freedoms to be saved and secure, as our Forefathers designed. The time is now to take a final stand against this assault against one of our most cherished freedoms. Let’s make sure NO treaty ratification happens under the "Obama watch."