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Breaking News: Obama to Give Temporary Status to Millions of Illegal's

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  WEEKLY PRAYER                 A TRIBUTE TO OUR FALLEN                                          Music: The Devil in Washington                                                EXECUTIVE ORDERS updated 1/17/2014

Jesus praying

Almighty God, lead me in the search for life. Teach me what is important and what is unimportant; what is false, and what is true. Remove the hindrances that keep me from the worthiest deeds, and grant that I may have the peace that comes with surrender of self to thy will.

 Gracious Father, my heart burns with shame when I think how much I claim, and how little I am. I pray that my body may not cast a shadow to-day, and cloud the light of my life to-morrow. Cleanse the windows of my soul that I may take in thy glory. 

Lord, may I understand that thou art in everything and that I cannot hide from thee, for thou boldest me though I know it not. Give me the desire, and help me to learn of thy laws, that I may know that even in the least of things, I have the liberty to obtain happiness by obeying them.

I pray this in the Lord Jesus Christ name. Amen

patriot ken 

We are Patriots that believe in the Constitution, Small Government and The Right to Bare Arms. We also believe in Free Speech. We would like to welcome you to our site. Remember our Forefathers Fought and Died for these rights.

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The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                                              January 17, 2014


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2013 news archive

newCreating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

Sheriffs Plan Massive Opposition to Obama's Executive Amnesty in Washington

Cruz Aims To Take On Obama If GOP Wins Senate

When Political Correctness Trumps Common Sense


Satan is pulling out all stops

Senate votes in favor of Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty

It’s Jihad, Stupid

IRS to Monitor Sermons as Part of Settlement with Atheists


Will Christians Be Targeted By New Domestic Terrorism Law Enforcement Group

9 Year Old Taken Away in Cuffs

Drivers License For The Internet

Common Core and Who’s Behind It

Obama Playing Politics With Keystone Pipeline

Feds take over Diamond Bar Ranch

Obama Moving Again On Equal Pay

Boosting Wages Protecting Middle Class Workers from ObamaCare

The American Energy Renaissance Act

How Obamacare Slaps The Sick

Atheists Force Woman to Remove Cross Honoring Dead Son

EPA Not Blowing Smoke and Decrees Nationwide Woodstove Ban

Boehner Boasts of New Run for Speaker of the House

Supreme Court Expands Police Authority in Home Searches

Sens. Cruz and Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act

Rafael Cruz: “I feel that we cannot sit silent”

American Spring

 GOP Slams Obama for Easing of Immigration

New Medicare Rules Could Increase Seniors' Suicides

Iranian commander We have targets within America

Cruz Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Senators Defending Religious Liberty

Attorney General Holder Says IRS Investigation Doesn’t Warrant Special Prosecutor

January 2014 CSPOA Conference Report

Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address

 Just a Paragraph

U. S. Can Be Energy Independent in a Decade

A Womb to Tomb Dossier on Kids and Families

EPA’s New Power Plant Rule Will Doom King Coal

Score One For Obamacare

Hispanics Do Not Want to Embrace Socialism

Cruz Delivers Another Blow to GOP Leadership

Obama Admin Moves To Silence AFA On Elections

Establishing a Quadrennial Energy Review

Sen. Cruz: U.S. Must Cease Negotiations with Iran Until Concessions are Made

Sen. Sessions Offers E-Verify Amendment on Unemployment Benefits Bill

Jesus Is Not Allowed In School

Conceal Carry Applications Overwhelmingly Outpace Obamacare Enrollment

introducing George Soros 



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newThe Republican establishment is attacking Ted Cruz again. 

February 24, 2014 

This time they're upset because he tried to stop Congress from giving President Obama a blank check to run up the debt.

The outcome of this debate is important because it illustrates why Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment want to marginalize and destroy Ted Cruz.

Republicans in Washington like to play a game called
"Hope Yes, Vote No" where they help liberal bills move through the legislative process, but vote against them on the final vote to make voters think they oppose them.

For example, Republicans had the votes to block the debt bill, but Mitch McConnell told them to look the other way so the bill could be passed by the Democrats with a simple majority vote. This would allow Republicans like him to pretend they oppose it while secretly helping it pass.
Read More


Obama's Unilateral Action Harms Legal Immigrants and American Families

February 12, 2014

A new article from the New York Times suggests that President Obama's unilateral deferred deportation program for young illegal aliens is diverting resources to the extent that family members of U.S. citizens and legal residents are having a hard time entering the country:

Many thousands of Americans seeking green cards for foreign spouses or other immediate relatives have been separated from them for a year or more because of swelling bureaucratic delays at a federal immigration agency in recent months.

The long waits came when the agency, Citizenship and Immigration Services, shifted attention and resources to a program President Obama started in 2012 to give deportation deferrals to young undocumented immigrants, according to administration officials and official data.

The trouble that American citizens have faced gaining permanent resident visas for their families raises questions about the agency’s priorities and its readiness to handle what could become a far bigger task. After Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio said on Thursday that the House was not likely to act on an immigration overhaul this year, immigrant advocates are turning up their pressure on Mr. Obama to expand the deferral program to include many more of the 11.7 million immigrants in the country illegally....Read More


Standards for Immigration Reform

 February 4, 2014

Late last week, the House Republican Leadership released a set of "immigration principles."  While some of these principles were positive -- such as securing the border and taking firm enforcement actions that President Obama cannot decide to ignore -- the document revolved around allowing the 12-18 million illegal aliens living in the United States to stay in the country and take U.S. jobs.  To put it clearly, this is nothing more than an amnesty and hardly any better than the Senate's "Gang of Eight" amnesty...Read More


Reports Suggest House GOP Planning Amnesty Push

January 20, 2014

I was appalled to read news reports which suggest that House Republicans are readying a push to give illegal aliens work permits.  Why are leadership aides saying such things when they cannot possibly be true?

Reports have surfaced in many newspapers about the House Republicans' purported push for an amnesty.  The reports suggest that Republicans will push for "earned legal status" for illegal aliens and the articles suggest..Read More


Remove Boehner

January 9, 2014

John Boehner declared war against the Tea Party.

Publicly and privately, Speaker of the House, John Boehner is waging war on the Tea Party, conservative Republicans, and our values.

Speaker Boehner is solely responsible for: Read More



Respect the U. S. Constitution

In recent years, liberals have benefited from Americans not knowing what’s written in the Constitution and because of that, we’ve seen a massive increase in both the size and scope of government. 

I believe most Americans do respect the Constitution and now is the time to tell Washington to restore respect now

Ask yourself. Do you want a government that loans $535 million in taxpayer dollars to a bankrupt solar panel company?  A government where unelected bureaucrats tell Boeing where they can do business? A government that creeps into more and more areas of your life- making decision on everything from health care to light bulbs to french fries!

Is this the kind of government you want? Or do the individual freedoms found in the Constitution still matter today? I think the Constitution should matter today, more than ever. Go here to read the Constitution.

We The People need to get this congress to do something more than just be lawmakers. They need to be Patriots and lead because we shouldn't have to follow any ones lead. We have people with the best ideas; if we are unbound and not having to worry. Let's keep congress's feet to the fire



I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the People, by the People, for the People; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; A democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many Sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Humanity for which American Patriots sacrificed their Lives and Fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to Love it; to Support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to Respect its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies.




Congress can stop Obama’s amnesty using its power of the purse

Obama to issue 10 point executive action



It’s No Longer A Question Of If Or When… ISIS Is Here

The Latest on Net Neutrality

Are You Really Going to Give Up


Please pray for the Pelletier family

Holder Creates His Own Laws, Usurps Constitutional Authority

Obama's Unilateral Action Harms Legal Immigrants and American Families

Defining Amnesty for Boehner

No IRS Bonuses

Governor Bobby Jindal Supports Immigration Reform

Sen. Moran’s Amendment To Increase Legal Immigration - Help STOP it

Remove Boehner

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waving flag

Without sounding like a male chauvinist, women on the front line would be bad. Even though there are women that can hold their own they would put others in harms way. Here are some of my reasons:

1. Men being men would think more on protecting them than doing their job.

2. Women trying to prove they can hold their own would cause unrest in the ranks.

3. To protect them from getting pregnant the government would have them sterilized. That means they will never be able to bare children.

With this being said, there is a place for them in the Military, just not on the front line.


  I would like to know what you think. 

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Ronald Reagan Speaks on Socialism

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Former President Ronald Reagan displayed great strength, character, and wit!
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This is a Tribute

To the Fallen Knights

That Laid Down Their Lives

So We Could Speak Our Minds


This is a Tribute

For Those Who Gave Us the Right

To Say As We Like

And Do As We Might


The Fallen Knights

May We Never Forget

Who Lay On Foreign Land

For That, I Give you a Hand


For This is a Tribute

To Those Fallen Knights

That Shed Their Blood

So We May Sleep at Night


For This is a Tribute

To the Fallen Knights

That Gave Us the Right

To Pray as We Might


God Bless You

And God Bless America



Written By:

Kenneth Cook

November 12, 2009