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Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

November 21, 2014


SUBJECT: Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

Our country has long been a beacon of hope and opportunity for people from around the world. Nearly 40 million foreign-born residents nationwide contribute to their communities every day, including 3 million refugees who have resettled here since 1975. These new Americans significantly improve our economy. They make up 13 percent of the population, but are over 16 percent of the labor force and start 28 percent of all new businesses. Moreover, immigrants or their children have founded more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies, which collectively employ over 10 million people worldwide and generate annual revenues of $4.2 trillion.

By focusing on the civic, economic, and linguistic integration of new Americans, we can help immigrants and refugees in the United States contribute fully to our economy and their communities. Civic integration provides new Americans...Read More


Sheriffs Plan Massive Opposition to Obama's Executive Amnesty in Washington

 November 12, 2014

In light of Barack Obama’s defiance to institute amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens in America, following his public spanking on Tuesday, constitutional sheriffs from across America are planning a massive meeting in Washington to oppose his usurpation of power.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson sent out a letter recently which called on sheriffs to descend on Washington on December 10 to meet with congressmen and encourage them to secure the border and oppose Obama’s executive action regarding amnesty. The meeting will occur just days before the existing government funding bill expires.

“Never before in our nation’s history has it been so important for the American sheriffs to stand united and speak with one voice to secure our nation’s borders,” Hodgson wrote. “No longer can we sit idle while the inaction of our Federal Government marginalizes our ability to preserve public safety, enforce our laws, and protect the Constitutional rights of all who legitimately reside and work in our communities.”

“As a fellow Sheriff, and someone who shares a common mission and obligation to defend the public safety and national security concerns of our citizens, I am respectfully asking that you join me and our brother and sister Sheriffs on December 10, 2014 in [sic] at the United States Capitol to encourage immediate action by Congress and the Administration to pass legislation that will secure border security once and for all,” he added.

Hodgson said that he already had the support of members of Congress, as well as several senators.

“Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator David Vitter and other members of Congress have agreed to join us at the Capitol to demand immediate action to secure our borders as the first step in achieving legitimate immigration reform in the future,” he wrote. “Several sheriffs have agreed to work in a spirit of cooperation to assist in recruiting at least 200 sheriffs to travel to Washington, D.C. for this historic meeting and press conference with members of Congress.



Cruz Aims To Take On Obama If GOP Wins Senate


Sen. Ted Cruz spent the final weekend of the midterms on the far edge of the country trying to help fellow Republican Dan Sullivan win a race the GOP is counting on in its effort to retake the Senate.

It’s a team-player role the tea party firebrand from Texas has filled a handful of times this fall — but one he plans to abandon if Republicans win control of both congressional chambers.

In an interview at the Hotel Captain Cook here between campaign stops for Sullivan, Cruz made it clear he would push hard for a Republican-led Senate to be as conservative and confron­tational as the Republican-led House.

Piggybacking on what House leaders have done, Cruz said the first order of business should be a series of hearings on President Obama, “looking at the abuse of power, the executive abuse, the regulatory abuse, the lawlessness that sadly has pervaded this administration.” Read More


When Political Correctness Trumps Common Sense

October 6, 2014

Was the decapitation last month of Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma, workplace violence or an act of terrorism? It was both, but if a category is necessary, it was clearly an act of terrorism, inspired by ISIS—the radical Islamist organization that is terrorizing much of the Middle East, and which, just days before, encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists to engage in decapitations.

Yet on CBS’ “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Scott Pelley had the first major television interview with FBI Director James Comey, and failed to ask him that very question that has been the topic of so much discussion. While Pelley talked around the subject, Comey, perhaps inadvertently, provided a revealing answer.

Pelley set up his question with this narration: “The FBI is investigating whether the murder [in Moore, Oklahoma] was an imitation of ISIL’s beheadings.”

Then he asked, “Some people call individuals who are radicalized, ‘lone wolves.’ Is that the biggest threat we face?” Read More



September 22, 2014

Jean Lesley the sister of a Christian Missionary in Northern Iraq is asking for prayers but I believe we can do more. “We the Christians” need to get to work and tell our Government, NOT ask to stop procrastinating and stop this madness, NOW! ISIS is at our door steps and if we don’t stop them they will be at your home or workplace, then it will be to late. I’m asking, no, telling all Christians; get on your knees and pray for GOD’S help, then get up and start working towards putting ISIS out of commission... THIS IS REAL!! Read More


Senate votes in favor of Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty

September 19, 2014

In a procedural vote in the Senate on Thursday, a motion offered by Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to allow a vote on Pres. Obama's executive amnesty fell one vote short of passing, allowing the President to move forward with his reported plan to grant amnesty to work permits to an estimated 5-6 million illegal aliens after November's mid-term elections. Five Democrats -- four of which face difficult re-election bids -- joined the 45 Republican Senators in supporting the motion to move forward with a vote.

With the Senate and House poised to adjourn until after the mid-term elections, the motion was likely the last opportunity for Congress to stop Pres. Obama from moving forward.

"You (the American people) have been right from the beginning. You have justly demanded that our borders be controlled, our laws enforced and that, at long last, immigration policy serves the needs of our own people first," Sen. Sessions said just before the vote. "For this virtuous and legitimate demand, you have been demeaned, even scorned by the governing class." Read More


It’s Jihad, Stupid

By Rachel Ehrenfeld

The American Center for Democracy


Statements made by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, after ISIS released videos showing their beheading of photojournalist James Foley, revealed that both seem to suffer not only from severe shortsightedness, but also from an acute case of willful blindness. Similar afflictions beset the U.S. political and military leadership and the media. The rest of Western world seems to suffer from the same problems.

All act surprised by the rapid advance of the ISIS, as well as its brutality. While the President described the beheading as “an act of violence that shocks the conscience,” Hagel announced: “Oh, this is beyond anything that we’ve seen.” Really? Read More


IRS to Monitor Sermons as Part of Settlement with Atheists

July 27, 2014

 The Internal Revenue Service settled a lawsuit brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The 2012 lawsuit was settled after the IRS agreed to monitor what is said in houses of worship, something that is a clear violation of the First Amendment, since no law can be written by Congress to this effect. Therefore, the "unconstitutional" IRS has gone way beyond what the federal Constitution allows.

Lifesitenews reports: Read More



July 16, 2014

By Rick Perry

In 2012, I alerted the federal government to the growing problem of unaccompanied minors making the treacherous journey across Mexico to reach the United States. At that point the minors could annually be numbered in the hundreds or thousands.

In recent months, tens of thousands of children have come across the border and are now housed in federal facilities across the U.S., the result of failed federal policies and Washington's indifference to securing the border.

I visited one of these facilities in June and saw these children, frightened and alone, who left their homes and families, survived a harrowing trip, and are now facing an unknown future. It was staggering to realize that this humanitarian crisis is not the result of a natural disaster, but of our nation's own misguided laws and misplaced priorities. It's nothing less than a moral outrage. Read More


Will Christians Be Targeted By New Domestic Terrorism Law Enforcement Group

 June 13, 2014 

The U.S. Department of Justice announced plans on June 3rd to revive a law enforcement group – The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee – which will investigate persons the department designates as domestic terrorists. 

The reconstituted task force will emerge from one that was originally created by former Attorney General Janet Reno after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. As law enforcement agencies began focusing on militia threats from abroad after the September 11, 2001 hijacked plane attacks on America, the committee was dissolved shortly afterwards. 

The task force under Janet Reno focused mainly on right-wing extremism while current Attorney General Eric Holder’s newly minted committee will reportedly focus on Internet radicalization...Read More


9 Year Old Taken Away in Cuffs

By: Evan Bernick

May 18, 2014

When the officers came to her home, the 9-year-old girl was still wet from running through the neighborhood sprinkler. She wore flip flops, a pink towel and a swimsuit. The officers took her away wearing handcuffs.

Her mother’s response said it all: “She’s just a child.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Police officers in Portland, Ore., handcuffed a 9-year-old-girl and took her to the station in a police car. They photographed and fingerprinted her and detained her for nearly an hour before her mother arrived.

Her “crime”? Getting in a fight with another kid—a fight that took place nearly a week beforehand and ended with apologies on all sides...Read More


Drivers License For The Internet

May 13, 3014

An idea the government has been kicking around since 2011 is finally making its debut. Calling this move ill-timed would be the most gracious way of putting it.

A few years back, the White House had a brilliant idea: Why not create a single, secure online ID that Americans could use to verify their identity across multiple websites, starting with local government services. The New York Times described it at the time as a "driver's license for the internet."
Sound convenient? It is. Sound scary? It is.

Next month, a pilot program of the "National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" will begin in government agencies in two US states, to test out whether the pros of a federally verified cyber ID outweigh the cons.

The NSTIC program has been in (slow) motion for nearly three years, but now, at a time when the public's trust in government...Read More


Common Core and Who’s Behind It

 May 9, 2014

 Democracy Alliance, a secretive organization that directs millions of dollars to progressive causes, tries its best to keep its members list and activities a secret. Democracy Alliance met in Chicago this year for its annual conference (Image source: Ritz-Carlton) But a document left behind after the group’s recent conference in Chicago may have undone years of discreet activity.

The confidential document, which was first retrieved and published by the Washington Free Beacon, contains a list of the group’s newest “partners” — members who must pay approximately $30,000 in annual dues. Members must also donate at least $200,000 to approved progressive groups. Democracy Alliance, which was founded in 2005 by Democratic strategist Rob Stein, does not publicly disclose details regarding its support for progressive organizations and its members are instructed to never speak about the group or its activities. But the confidential document retrieved by the Beacon gives an inside look at some of the group’s newest “advisers” and “foundation participants,” a “who’s who” of labor bosses and top Democratic donors and business leaders...Read More


Obama Playing Politics With Keystone Pipeline

April 20, 2014

President Obama is holding off approving construction of the vital Keystone XL pipeline not for environmental concerns but for political reasons — his fear of alienating one of his core constituencies, environmentalists, charges online magazine The American.

The pipeline would facilitate delivery of up to 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to refineries in the United States. The State Department concluded in 2011 that Keystone poses "no significant impacts" on the environment, and reiterated that finding earlier this year.

Yet the administration insists that the pipeline will be approved only if "it does not significantly exacerbate" carbon pollution.

"President Obama refuses simply to get out of the way of what should be the routine construction of energy infrastructure — why?" asks The American, the journal of the American Enterprise Institute.

Is protecting America from "dirty oil" from Canada the reason? Oil from Canada's oil-sands fields is already flowing into the United States by pipeline from Alberta to Oklahoma. The Keystone would simply extend the pipeline to the Gulf Coast and add another leg from Alberta to Nebraska.

Safety concerns? Read More


Feds take over Diamond Bar Ranch

April 12, 2014

When Kit Laney answered a knock on his door Saturday, law enforcement officers from the U.S. Forest Service handed him a piece of paper announcing his Diamond Bar Ranch in southwest New Mexico would be shut down Wednesday and his 300 head of cattle grazing there would be removed – one way or the other.

Other Forest Service officials were busy nailing similar notices on fence posts along the highway and informing neighbors that after Feb. 11, they should not attempt to enter the Diamond Bar property.

Laney was not surprised. He knew someday there would be an on-the-ground confrontation to enforce a 1997 court ruling which says his cattle are trespassing on federal land. That day has arrived.

Laney insists the land in question belongs to him; the Forest Service says it belongs to the federal government. So far, the federal court is on the side of the Forest Service. But Laney is not willing to throw in the towel and give up the land that has been in his family since long before there was a U.S. Forest Service...Read More


Obama Moving Again On Equal Pay

President Obama is preparing to lean on companies that do business with the government with a pair of new executive actions designed to close the wage gap between men and women.

The orders, detailed by a White House official, reflect the latest steps taken by the president to promote income equality without backing from the divided Congress, though both measures are limited in scope.

Obama will unveil the two orders on Tuesday, which marks “Equal Pay Day,” the name given to the point in the year at which an average woman’s pay catches up to what a man doing the same job made in the previous year.

The first measure is meant to prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss their compensation. The White House official stressed that the order would neither compel workers to discuss their pay nor employers to reveal salaries.

The order, however, “does provide a critical tool to encourage pay transparency, so workers have a potential way of discovering violations of equal pay laws and able to seek appropriate remedies,” the official said, though details would not be revealed until Tuesday.

Obama will also sign a Presidential Memorandum directing Labor Secretary Tom Perez to draft new regulations requiring contractors to report summary pay information — including data on race and sex — to the agency, the official said.

The measure is designed to ensure equal pay laws, such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which promotes fair pay for women. The law’s namesake will be on hand for Tuesday’s announcement at the White House.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), who has urged both actions, cheered the planned announcement.

“This is not just about women; it is about ensuring families, who are more reliant on women’s wages than ever, are not being shortchanged,” the Connecticut Democrat said Sunday. “Collecting data is a necessary step if we are to identify and end patterns of pay disparity. I am pleased the Labor Department will be taking steps to finally deal with this scourge head-on.”

The steps, which are part of Obama’s “year of action,” follow a 
January executive order raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for federal contract workers.

An across-the-board minimum wage hike championed by Obama would require an act of Congress



Boosting Wages Protecting Middle Class Workers from ObamaCare

April 3, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement today commending House passage of the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575), legislation sponsored by Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) that will help increase wages by repealing the 30-hour rule in the president’s health care law and restoring the traditional 40-hour work week:

“The president’s Rose Garden ‘victory lap’ this week showed just how out of touch his administration is with hard-working families.  On top of higher costs and less access, as many as 2.6 million Americans could see their hours cut and wages slashed because of ObamaCare’s 30-hour mandate.  At a time when three-quarters of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, the last thing our economy and our small businesses can afford is another barrier to job growth.  The House took an important step to help increase wages and protect middle-class families today, but as I’ve said many times, Republicans will continue working to scrap this law and pave the way for patient-centered solutions focused on lowering health care costs and protecting jobs.”

NOTE: Here are five facts that demonstrate the devastating impact of ObamaCare’s 30-hour rule on jobs and wages, and underscore the need for the Save American Workers Act.



The American Energy Renaissance Act

March 27, 2014

On Thursday, Sen. Cruz and Congressman Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma-1, introduced complementary legislation, S. 2170 and H.R. 4286, to empower the private sector to create good-paying, American jobs and spur economic growth by harnessing our nation’s energy resources and removing federal impediments to energy exploration, development and trade. These bills will also provide a real reset of our foreign policy so we are no longer beholden to unfriendly nations for our energy needs, and can use our own resources to exert our influence around the globe, notably in Ukraine.

“We are on the cusp of a Great American Energy Renaissance that will create both a stronger economy and a stronger America,” said Sen. Cruz. “The energy revolution that is already underway can produce the jobs and opportunities that our country needs to grow. A booming new energy economy can also provide critical resources to our allies so they are no longer energy dependent on petro-tyrants, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin.”

Both bills will prevent federal regulation of hydraulic fracturing, facilitate the expansion of domestic refining capacity, improve processes to develop energy infrastructure, stop EPA overreach and its war on coal, force Congress and the President to approve any new EPA regulations that kill jobs, broaden energy development on federal land, open offshore exploration, expand U.S. energy exports, and dedicate additional revenues to debt reduction…Read More


How Obamacare Slaps The Sick

March 9, 2014

If you have cancer, MS, or Parkinson’s, you’re in trouble.

“Lies,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls the TV ads that feature  people complaining about ObamaCare. Sorry: The people in those ads are sick, but  their new health policies don’t let them see the specialists or get the  medications they need.

These patients aren’t liars; they’re people President Obama claimed he would  help, who instead are being harmed.

 They had insurance, but their plans got canceled because of the Affordable  Care Act, forcing them into ObamaCare. Now they’re discovering that ObamaCare  plans aren’t for sick people...Read More


Atheists Force Woman to Remove Cross Honoring Dead Son

March 8, 2014

There has been so much news lately of schools, organizations, and individuals being harassed by atheist groups, but this one sets a new low. In this case, a grieving mother erected a roadside cross where her son was killed, and now an atheist group has forced her to take it down. What is wrong with these people???

As reported by The Press Enterprise, a roadside cross was erected for 19-year-old Anthony Vincent Devaney who in May 2012 was killed crossing a street.

A complaint prompted the American Humanist Association in Washington, D.C., to intervene, contending the placement of the symbol in the city right-of-way violated the separation of church and state...Read More


EPA Not Blowing Smoke and Decrees Nationwide Woodstove Ban

March 5, 2014

No part of the land of the free is safe from the tentacles of the parasitic EPA. As their web of intrusion continues on its ever-expanding trajectory, the property rights, lifestyle and future of rural Americans becomes increasingly at risk.

The latest act of aggression by the bureaucratic behemoth is the severe restrictions imposed upon rural Americans who choose to heat their homes with wood stoves. What has been an important source of heat for both heating and cooking in areas which are off-the-grid has now been effectively taken away.

Those who are on the grid and for whatever reason like the warmth of a fire or choose to reduce their utility expenses are also now left with fewer options.

In January the EPA tightened the permissible emissions of woodstoves from...Read More


Boehner Boasts of New Run for Speaker of the House

March 4, 2014

 House Speaker John A. Boehner will run for the position again and contends his re-election bid "won't even be close," saying Monday he's on solid ground with his often-fractious GOP troops.

"I frankly think I'm in better shape with my own caucus than I have been any time in the last three years. ... I think they understand me better," Mr. Boehner

He also told the paper his recent purchase of a condo in Marco Island, Fla. - which had stoked rumors of a possible retirement - "has nothing to do with my future."

Some conservative groups have been calling for Mr. Boehner to step aside after he's allowed major legislation to pass on several occasions with mostly Democratic votes - most recently, a one-year, no-strings-attached suspension of the federal government's borrowing limit.

"I don't see conservatives rallying to support...Read More


Supreme Court Expands Police Authority in Home Searches

February 27, 2014

WASHINGTON -- Police officers may enter and search a home without a warrant as long as one occupant consents, even if another resident has previously objected, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a Los Angeles case.

The 6-3 ruling, triggered by a Los Angeles Police Department arrest in 2009, gives authorities more leeway to search homes without obtaining a warrant, even when there is no emergency.

The majority, led by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., said police need not take the time to get a magistrate's approval before entering a home in such cases. But dissenters, led by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, warned that the decision would erode protections against warrantless home searches. The court had previously held that such protections were at the "very core" of the 4th Amendment and its ban on unreasonable searches and seizures...Read More


Sens. Cruz and Lee Introduce State Marriage Defense Act

S. 2024 preserves ability of states to define marriage consistent with values of their citizens

February 13, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, today introduced S. 2024, the State Marriage Defense Act, which respects the definition of marriage held by the people of each state and protects states from the federal government’s efforts to force any other definition upon them. The bill will ensure the federal government gives the same deference to the 33 states that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman as it does to the 17 states that have chosen to recognize same-sex unions. 

“I support traditional marriage. Under President Obama, the federal government has tried to re-define marriage, and to undermine the constitutional authority of each state to define marriage consistent with the values of its citizens,” said Sen. Cruz. “The Obama Administration should not be trying to force gay marriage on all 50 states. We should respect the states, and the definition of marriage should be left to democratically elected legislatures, not dictated from Washington. This bill will safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for its residents.”

“How a state should define marriage should be left up to the citizens of each state,” said Sen. Lee. “It is clear the Obama administration finds the principles of federalism inconvenient in its effort to force states to redefine the institution of marriage. The State Marriage Defense Act provides an important protection for states, respecting the right to choose for themselves how each will treat the institution of marriage under the law.”

In United States v. Windsor, the Supreme Court improperly held Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court's reasoning requires the federal government to respect the primacy of the states in defining marriage.

Unfortunately, since the Windsor decision, the Obama Administration’s agenda to force same-sex marriage has led both to the violation of these principles and to the rise of inconsistencies among several federal agencies that either look to the law of the state where an individual lives to determine eligibility for marital benefits or recognize marriages based solely on the law of the state where a marriage ceremony was held.

The State Marriage Defense Act will correct this inconsistency and protect states from an out of control administration that is seeking to force same sex marriage upon states that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.



Rafael Cruz: “I feel that we cannot sit silent”

February 10, 2014

Bursts of applause had already interrupted Rafael Cruz repeatedly, but the loudest cheer of the night came when the Cuban-born pastor finally made the Barack Obama-Fidel Castro comparison the crowd had been waiting for.

"He acts no different than that bearded guy I left behind in Cuba," the father of firebrand U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz told a packed tea party gathering.

Likening the president to Castro has become something of a trademark for the elder Cruz, and it's actually one of his milder comments. The 74-year-old from suburban Dallas has in the past called for sending Obama "back to Kenya" and accused him of being an "outright Marxist" out to "destroy all concept of God."

His son, the conservative grassroots darling and often-mentioned 2016 presidential prospect, also relishes controversy - thrusting himself into the teeth of last year's government shutdown battle. But public officials, even combative ones, are usually wary of loose-cannon family members as too politically dangerous.

Not Cruz. His father is a highly visible face...Read More


GOP Slams Obama for Easing of Immigration

The Obama administration has eased the rules for would-be asylum-seekers, refugees and others who hope to come to the United States or stay here and who gave “limited” support to terrorists or terrorist groups.

The change is one of President Barack Obama’s first actions on immigration since he pledged during his State of the Union address last month to use more executive directives.

The move was immediately greeted Sunday with an angry Republican backlash. Republican leaders like House Speaker John Boehner said last week that the GOP felt the president could not be trusted on immigration and that was what was hindering immigration reform. This unilateral move on a very controversial immigration regulation was precisely his point, he added.

Virginia GOP Rep. Robert Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and part of the GOP House leadership team working on immigration reform stated, “President Obama should be protecting U.S. citizens rather than taking a chance on those who are aiding and abetting terrorist activity and putting Americans at greater risk”. And Missouri GOP Sen. Roy Blunt on “Fox News Sunday” repeated...Read More


New Medicare Rules Could Increase Seniors' Suicides

February 9, 2014

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed a new regulation limiting the drugs covered under Medicare's Part D, the prescription drug component of the program — a rule that could have "serious consequences."

Currently, Part D plans must include medications in six drug categories. But with the new regulation, published in the Federal Register in January, CMS would no longer require all drugs from the antidepressant and immunosuppressant drug classes to be covered by Part D.

"Seniors would no longer necessarily have access to insurance for these drugs, with serious consequences," Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, wrote in an article published by Real Clear Markets.

"Depression is the most frequent mental health problem in the elderly, and lack of treatment can lead to suicide," she observed. "Depressed patients can cause difficulties for family members and caregivers."

Immunosuppressant drugs are used to prevent the body from rejecting a transplanted organ, and cutting back on these drugs would make transplants more risky and less successful.

CMS calculates that disallowing drugs in those two classes would save $720 million from 2015, when the regulation would take effect, to 2019. That's just $144 million a year, two-tenths of one percent of net Medicare outlays in 2019.

"Reducing access to major classes of drugs that were required from the beginning of the Part D program would cut Medicare costs by shortening seniors' lives, but that is not the direction in which our society wants to go," Furchtgott-Roth said, adding that the regulation "should be changed" before it becomes final.


Iranian commander We have targets within America

 By Reza Kahlili

February 4, 2014 

A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic.

“America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.”

Reports indicate that terrorist Hezbollah forces — allies of Iran — have infiltrated the U.S. and have mapped out targets.

“We will conduct such a blow in which they [America] will...Read More


Cruz Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Senators Defending Religious Liberty from Obamacare Contraception Mandate

February 1, 2014

This week, Sen. Cruz joined by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Mike Lee, R-Utah, and David Vitter, R-La., filed an amicus brief in support of the challenge by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties against Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

“The First Amendment guarantees every American the right to free exercise of religion,” said Sen. Cruz. “Yet, the Obama Administration has chosen repeatedly to break the law by giving breaks to big business and Congress, while refusing to grant those same waivers to people with sincerely held religious beliefs.”

In the brief, the senators document the numerous ways in which the Obama Administration has unilaterally ignored the text of the law, while at the same time failing to protect Americans’ religious liberties.

“The various delays and exceptions that the Administration has announced all have one effect: exempting even more health care plans from the requirements of the ACA,” the brief says. “In each instance, the beneficiaries of these exemptions are the politically powerful and well-connected. The Administration, however, refuses to grant the same leniency to those for whom the contraception mandate violates their sincere religious beliefs.”

Specifically, the senators point to the Administration’s unilateral decision to delay the health insurance requirements, the cap on out-of-pocket costs, the expansion of the employer mandate penalty, and the granting of health subsidies to Members of Congress and Congressional staff as examples of how the Administration has ignored the text of the law.

“We will not stand by as President Obama continues to skirt the law, selectively enforcing Obamacare and hand-picking winners and losers to satisfy his political agenda,” said Sen. Cornyn. “I join in filing this brief to protect the rights of all Texans and all Americans to practice their religious beliefs without obstruction from the federal government.”

"The ability to practice the faith we choose is one of our great Constitutional rights. The Obama administration's contraceptive mandate stomps on that right," added Sen. Vitter.


Attorney General Holder Says IRS Investigation Doesn’t Warrant Special Prosecutor

February 1. 2014

On January 29, 2014, Sen. Cruz asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to answer questions about the ongoing IRS investigation, specifically in regards to the naming of a major Obama donor as a lead investigator into IRS's illegal targeting of conservatives.

In an exchange with Sen. Cruz at the 9:41 mark, Attorney General Holder says the IRS investigation does not warrant the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Sen. Cruz asks Attorney General Holder, “I would call upon you to carry out the tradition of independence that attorneys general have honored that office with for centuries and protect the integrity of the Department of Justice, given the political sensitivities, given the fact that individual citizens believe they are being persecuted by the Department of Justice for partisan reasons. It would further Justice and further the integrity of the Department of Justice for you to appoint a special prosecutor with a meaningful degree of independence to investigate and find out what happened, and I would suggest that any special prosecutor should have integrity beyond reproach, and not be a major Obama donor.”

General Holder responded, “I don’t think that there is a basis for us to conclude on the information as it presently exists that there is any reason for the appointment of the independent counsel…The notion that somehow this has caused a loss of faith in this Justice Department is inconsistent with the facts.”

Additionally, earlier in the hearing, at the 5:10 mark, Attorney General Holder denied he had any reason to believe the IRS investigation is conflicted, saying, “I don't have any basis to believe that the people who engaged in this investigation are doing so in a way other than investigations are normally done. That is by looking at the facts, applying the law to those facts, and reaching the appropriate conclusion. I don't have any basis to believe anything other than that is occurring.”

Sen. Cruz responded, “I would say a lot of American citizens have a basis to believe it, given 282 days have passed and no on has been indicted; 280 days have passed and many, if not all, of the victims have not even been interviewed; 280 days have passed and apparently the anger and outrage that both the President and you expressed has utterly disappeared. Indeed, in last night's State of the Union address the President did not so much as mention the word 'IRS.' So the anger and outrage sees very little manifestation in actual action."


January 2014 CSPOA Conference Report

 On January 24 the CSPOA held a private conference, by invitation only, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The purpose was to draft a resolution and to create a legal defense fund for sheriffs who fall under attack.  Below is the report on this historic event. 

 The January 2014 CSPOA conference began with a prayer. Right then, any newcomers could tell there would be something different about this meeting of over 75 sheriffs, police chiefs, peace officers and other elected officials and public servants from 31 different states. As the day progressed, each of the speakers noted God's role in our task; how could they not? It takes faith to understand freedom; it takes more than courage to stand when the tide is going against you. A self-serving person will go with the flow, but a person of principle - a person of faith - stands even when he or she stands alone against the crashing waves... Read More


Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you so much.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, my fellow Americans, today in America, a teacher spent extra time with a student who needed it and did her part to lift America's graduation rate to its highest levels in more than three decades.

An entrepreneur flipped on the lights in her tech startup and did her part to add to the more than 8 million new jobs our businesses have created over the past four years. (Applause.) Read More



That's all Pres. Obama devoted to immigration in his State of the Union address earlier tonight. Mercifully! (See it below.)

And his paragraph didn't have any specifics because he didn't want to risk offending the only audience that really mattered for it -- the Republicans who hold the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In just a few hours, the House Republicans will be scraping the snow off their windshields and driving over to the Chesapeake Bay for a three-day retreat. Later today, the House Republican leadership will devote a session to trying to sell the Members on some principles that have been reported as including mass legalization and work permits for illegal aliens.

Pres. Obama didn't want to do anything that would undermine Speaker Boehner and his leadership team's pro-amnesty efforts this week.


The person most interesting during any State of the Union is the Speaker of the House of the other party. How will he or she react to each line that is causing Members of Congress to jump up in ovations?

Speaker Boehner found himself in a tough position after the President's first immigration sentence that ended with a call to "fix our broken immigration system."

Vice President Biden quickly moved to his feet as did all Democrats in a pretty resounding ovation.

Mr. Boehner knew the cameras were on him. His corporate donors want him to give Mr. Obama what he wants. All indications are that Mr. Boehner wants that, too. But Mr. Boehner also had earlier this morning seen a strong negative reaction from his Republican Members to the news reports about a possible GOP legalization plan. Does the Speaker rehearse his reactions ahead of time? What would he do on this one?

I was relieved that Mr. Boehner didn't seem to have the slightest inclination to stand the way leaders of the "other party" sometimes feel they have to when baseball, mom and apple pie are being lauded. Instead, Mr. Boehner gave a non-commital facial expression and slowly applauded while remaining seated.

The camera swung to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who was giving a moderate applause while looking very serious. At the edge of the camera shot was the No. 3 House Republican Kevin McCarthy also being careful not to look too enthusiastic, despite recently saying that he looked forward to moving legislation that gives work permits and legalization to most illegal aliens.

I'm not bothered by a little polite applause because there is a strong pressure for people to show the TV audience that they aren't just opposed to everything the other party puts out. Plus, I favor "immigration reform," too -- the reform that Barbara Jordan's bi-partisan Commission on Immigration Reform urged.

It looked like maybe a half-dozen Republicans were confident enough of their constituents to stand with the Democrats in the ovation. But all Republicans were sitting with their hands in their laps or just politely clapping.

At the end of the President's immigration paragraph, there was more heavy applause. The camera caught Mr. Cantor not joining at first and then offering a pretty slow clap.

I'm not going to read too much into what the various body language tells us about where these GOP leaders stand but I think it tells us worlds about where they think their constituency stands.

After all those Republicans were hammered all day with our phone calls, they have a taste of just how bad the reaction could be if their party were responsible for passing some kind of amnesty this year.


Despite the fact that the news media have been making it seem like immigration is about 60% of Mr. Obama's agenda for this year, he gave it only a perfunctory paragraph. Here it is:

"Finally, if we are serious about economic growth, it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, and law enforcement -- and fix our broken immigration system. Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have acted. I know that members of both parties in the House want to do the same. Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost $1 trillion in the next two decades. And for good reason: when people come here to fulfill their dreams -- to study, invent, and contribute to our culture -- they make our country a more attractive place for businesses to locate and create jobs for everyone. So let's get immigration reform done this year. Let's get it done. It's time."

Of course, we know the absolutely horrible things Mr. Obama would do under the term "immigration reform."

But it seems a good sign that he thought it would be harmful to his cause to tell Americans anything specific that he wants on immigration.

U. S. Can Be Energy Independent in a Decade

January 26, 2014

The United States and Canada together have the energy resources to make America completely independent of foreign liquid fuel supplies by 2024, according to a new report commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute.

The United States is "on the cusp of energy self-sufficiency and security through reliable, affordable, and abundant supplies of domestic oil and natural gas that can sustain and empower us well into the foreseeable future," the report stated.

"In fact, the U.S. is already the global leader in oil and natural gas production and together with Canadian energy supplies could produce more than 100 percent of its liquid fuel needs by 2024."

But Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the API, cautioned: "The question before us today is whether we have the vision and wisdom to take full advantage of our vast energy resources."

The report refers to the Keystone XL pipeline, which could transport up to 830,000 barrels of oil daily from Canada and the U.S. Bakken shale formation to American refineries, but has not yet been approved by the Obama administration.

The report also points out that the number of drilling permits on federal lands declined by 36 percent between fiscal years 2008 and 2012, while oil production increased 31 percent and natural gas production was up 25 percent on private and state lands.

And the wait for a federal drilling permit averaged 228 days in 2012 compared to 10 days for a state permit in North Dakota, where much of the Bakken formation is located.

According to the API, the oil and natural gas sector supports about 529,000 U.S. jobs, and the industry pays around $85 million a day to the U.S. Treasury in taxes, royalties, and other fees.

"America is experiencing an energy revival," Gerard said. "We are now defined by an abundance of energy resources, rather than a scarcity of them."

But the report observed: "To fully realize the opportunities of this new energy future, we must make the deliberate choice to take greater advantage of our oil and natural gas resources and ensure our ability to refine these resources."


A Womb to Tomb Dossier on Kids and Families

The spying on Americans by the National Security Agency and the Internal Revenue Service’s attacks on conservative groups are “like a walk in the park” compared to government plans to track school children, says a prominent national education researcher, analyst and Johns Hopkins-trained pediatrician.

Dr. Karen Effrem, president of the national watchdog group, Education Liberty Watch, is sounding an alarm about Common Core, the federal education standards that almost all states are adopting by accepting federal “Race to the Top” funding.

Under Common Core, Effrem said, students’ personal information increasingly... Read More


EPA’s New Power Plant Rule Will Doom King Coal

By Tom Borelli

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a rule for new power plants to limit greenhouse gases. If approved, the new regulation would effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants, marking a pivotal turning point in President Obama’s war on coal and the culmination of a lie arguably bigger than “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy denied any existence of a war on coal in an interview with The New York Times last year, claiming...Read More


Score One For Obamacare

January 20, 2014

Under the Obamacare legislation, subsidies were meant for users of state exchanges. But now, people in those states who sign up for health insurance on the federal exchange can get subsidies.

This was disappointing to those of us who thought the court should strike down the subsidies. But this game isn’t over. A similar case is pending in Virginia, where a decision is expected any day, and two states have filed similar legal challenges as well.

At first glance, the impact of the ruling is straightforward. And it’s not good. Sam Kazman, General Counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is coordinating both the Virginia and D.C. suits.  After Wednesday’s ruling he issued the following statement:

The court’s ruling today in Halbig v. Sebelius delivers a major blow to the states that chose not to participate in the Obamacare insurance exchange program. It is also a blow to the small businesses, employees and individuals who live in those states as well. In upholding this IRS regulation that is contrary to the law enacted by Congress, this decision guts the choice made by a majority of the states to stay out of the exchange program. It imposes Obamacare penalties on employers and on many individuals in those states, penalties that Congress never authorized, putting their livelihoods and the jobs of their employees at risk. Worst of all, it gives a stamp of approval to the Administration’s attempt to substitute its version of Obamacare for the law that Congress enacted.

The court does all this despite its own finding that our arguments were supported by, in its words, “the plain language” of the law’s key provision regarding state-established exchanges. And by erasing the distinction between functions carried out by states and functions carried out by the federal government on behalf of states, the ruling undercuts some basic aspects of federalism …

But at least the judge gave us a ruling on the merits, rather than holding that none of the plaintiffs had a claim suitable for adjudication. (Four the seven plaintiffs were employers, and they actually were dismissed under something known as the Anti-Injunction Act, but that still left three individual plaintiffs in the case.) A ruling on the merits boosts the prospects for a fast appeal. And, as I write this, I’m just getting word that the judge has agreed to expedite the appeal.


Disclaimer:  Much of this information is based upon media sources, such as the AP wire services, newspapers, magazines, books, online news blog and news services, and radio and television, which we deem to be reliable. However, we have undertaken no independent investigation to verify the accuracy of the information reported by these media sources. We therefore disclaim all liability for false or inaccurate information from these media sources. We also disclaim all liability for the third-party information that may be accessed through the material referenced in our emails or posted on our website.


Hispanics Do Not Want to Embrace Socialism

January 19, 2014

Contrary to popular belief Hispanics do not want to embrace socialism and the failed liberal policies they left behind in their home countries – rather they are ready to embrace conservative values, but it is up to the tea party to educate them. While the Republican party is right about its need to reach out to Hispanics, the solution is not to embrace liberal ideas such as amnesty, but to instead boldly stand for conservative values, which they say large numbers of Hispanics actually embrace. Last year, during the debate in the Senate over the comprehensive immigration bill, Sen. John McCain suggested if Republicans would pass the bill, eventually Hispanics would reward them for it.

However, Dr. Juan Torres, director of the Bear Witness Council, acknowledged that while Hispanics do vote Democrat in elections, the reasons have nothing to with Republicans’ stance on conservative issues, but is rather a failure of tea party activists and...Read More



Cruz Delivers Another Blow to GOP Leadership

January 16, 2014

One month after the firing of longtime House Republican staffer Paul Teller ignited tea party anger, Mr. Teller hopped across the Capitol, landing in the office of tea party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican announced Monday he had hired Mr. Teller as his deputy chief of staff, starting Thursday.

“Paul’s many years of experience working in Congress and his tireless work to advance conservative principles make him a tremendous addition to our team,” Mr. Cruz said in a statement, noting that he looked forward to working with Mr. Teller to “promote a positive policy agenda that will restore economic growth, rein in government overreach, and protect Americans’ personal liberties.” Read More


Obama Admin Moves To Silence AFA On Elections

January 15, 2014

The IRS is proposing regulations that will give them the authority to restrict AFA and others' voter guides, legislative scorecards, get-out-the-vote campaigns and even the voter registration activities of non-profit groups by defining such civic engagement as "candidate-related political activity."

Many, including AFA, believe these rules are an attempt to shut down conservative organizations like AFA, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and the Tea Party.

American Family Association General Counsel Patrick Vaughn says, "The proposed regulations are consistent with the IRS' scandalous suppression of Tea Party applications for tax exemption. The IRS seems to have decided that it may have to process Tea Party applications, but it can render the organizations impotent." OneNewNow store here.

Read Mr. Vaughn's summary of the regulations here.

If these rules are adopted by the IRS, it would have a negative effect on non-profit organizations. For example, this very email would be considered political activity and could jeopardize AFA's non-profit status.

In addition, groups like your AFA would no longer be able to distribute voter guides, promote voter registration, report voting records of elected officials, or even mention the names of candidates who are running for election.

Eventually, these rules could filter down to churches, simply at the whim of the IRS, basically silencing conservatives and Christians for exercising their patriotic and civic freedoms.


Establishing a Quadrennial Energy Review

January 09, 2014

Affordable, clean, and secure energy and energy services are essential for improving U.S. economic productivity, enhancing our quality of life, protecting our environment, and ensuring our Nation's security. Achieving these goals requires a comprehensive and integrated energy strategy resulting from interagency dialogue and active engagement of external stakeholders. To help the Federal Government better meet this responsibility, I am directing the undertaking of a Quadrennial Energy Review.  Read More


Jesus Is Not Allowed In School

January 8, 2014

A first-grade teacher at a public elementary school in Southern California allegedly snatched a bunch of candy canes bearing a brief religious message from a first-grade boy. She told the poor kid “Jesus is not allowed in school” and then — right in front of his little six-year-old eyes — ripped the religious messages from each candy cane and dumped them in a trashcan.

The boy’s name is Isaiah Martinez. He attends Merced Elementary School in the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina.

The first-grade teacher accused of religious bullying is Valerie Lu. One of the candy canes was for her. The rest were for Martinez’s classmates.

Read more

Conceal Carry Applications Overwhelmingly Outpace Obamacare Enrollment

January 9, 2014

Conceal carry works. ObamaCare doesn’t. Conceal carry protects you. ObamaCare steals from you. The sad thing is how liberals don’t seem to understand this simple concept.
Check it out:

On the heels of a federal court striking down Chicago’s ban on gun sales, those seeking gun permits in Illinois flooded the State Police website over the weekend to begin the permitting process.

In fact, the amount of Illinois residents seeking a conceal carry permit already surpasses those who enrolled in Obamacare after the first two months of the launch of The Chicago Sun-Times reported 4,525 individuals signed up on Sunday alone for their firearms permits, when the State Police first opened the process to all concealed carry applicants.

Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said that number is included in Sunday’s total of more than 11,000 people who have signed up because of an early application process that began December 18 and was open to only firearm instructors. Officials told the Sun-Times they expect 350,000 to 400,000 people (about 1,000 per day) will sign up for conceal carry firearm permits this year.


  Disclaimer: Much of this information is based upon media sources, such as the AP wire services, newspapers, magazines, books, online news blog and news services, and radio and television, which we deem to be reliable. However, we have undertaken no independent investigation to verify the accuracy of the information reported by these media sources. We therefore disclaim all liability for false or inaccurate information from these media sources. We also disclaim all liability for the third-party information that may be accessed through the material referenced in our emails or posted on our website.



Sen. Cruz: U.S. Must Cease Negotiations with Iran Until Concessions are Made

Files S. Res. 328; Co-sponsored by Sens. Inhofe, Roberts and Hatch

January 9, 2014

(202) 228-7561

WASHINGTON, DC U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has introduced S. Res. 328, which would require that Iran immediately and without conditions release all United States citizens unjustly detained in Iran and publicly affirm the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state before any further negotiations between Iran and the United States. Co-sponsors include Sens. Jim Inhofe, Pat Roberts and Orrin Hatch...Read More

Sen. Sessions Offers E-Verify Amendment on Unemployment Benefits Bill

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., offered an amendment to the unemployment benefits extension bill (S. 1845) that would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers within one year of enactment. The amendment also incorporates language from Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-Iowa) Accountability through Electronic Verification Act that would create a mechanism within E-Verify to identify potential fraud or misuse of the system, and establish audits of Social Security fraud. Read More 



Much of this information is based upon media sources, such as the AP wire services, newspapers, magazines, books, online news blog and news services, and radio and television, which we deem to be reliable. However, we have undertaken no independent investigation to verify the accuracy of the information reported by these media sources. We therefore disclaim all liability for false or inaccurate information from these media sources. We also disclaim all liability for the third-party information that may be accessed through the material referenced in our emails or posted on our website.