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Prevent Illegal Aliens from Getting Public Benefits

Hey Patriots,

WE THE PEOPLE; the taxpayers in our states expect taxpayer-funded welfare benefits to go to Americans who truly need them, not to illegal aliens who have found out how to game the system. If these illegal immigrants want taxpayer-funded welfare benefits, then I say come through the front door not the back. Get you a sponsor, get a work visa (Green Card), pay your taxes then take your citizenship test. Until then you should not get taxpayer-funded welfare benefits! To prove my point about illegal aliens costing states billions of dollars each year, I've listed what illegal aliens cost each state:

Alabama: $298,000,000
Alaska: $139,000,000
Arizona: $2,569,000,000
Arkansas: $244,000,000
California: $21,756,000,000
Colorado: $1,451,000,000
Connecticut: $957,000,000
Delaware: $305,000,000
Florida: $5,463,000,000
Georgia: $2,399,000,000
Hawaii: $155,000,000
Idaho: $188,000,000
Illinois: $4,592,000,000
Indiana: $608,000,000
Iowa: $350,000,000
Kansas: $442,000,000
Kentucky: $280,000,000
Louisiana: $224,000,000
Maine: $41,000,000
Maryland: $1,724,000,000
Massachusetts: $1,862,000,000
Michigan: $929,000,000
Minnesota: $744,000,000
Mississippi: $106,000,000
Missouri: $338,000,000
Montana: $32,000,000
Nebraska: $262,000,000
Nevada: $1,191,000,000
New Hampshire: $123,000,000
New Jersey: $3,478,000,000
New Mexico: $608,000,000
New York: $9,479,000,000
North Carolina: $2,063,000,000
North Dakota: $32,000,000
Ohio: $563,000,000
Oklahoma: $465,000,000
Oregon: $705,000,000
Pennsylvania: $1,378,000,000
Rhode Island: $278,000,000
South Carolina: $391,000,000
South Dakota: $33,000,000
Tennessee: $547,000,000
Texas: $8,878,000,000
Utah: $453,000,000
Vermont: $38,000,000
Virginia: $1,905,000,000
Washington: $1,510,000,000
West Virginia: $31,000,000
Wisconsin: $883,000,000
Wyoming: $51,000,000

All told, illegal aliens cost states and localities around $85 billions dollars each year. As you can see from the list above, your state does suffer from this malady. However, a great way to cut down on this amount is to prevent illegal aliens from receiving public benefits. Already, 11 states use the federal SAVE system to prevent illegal aliens from receiving state welfare benefits such as food stamps.

Patriots call, write letters, fax and/or email your U.S. Representatives and Senators and also your State Representatives and Senators. Remember We the People are the Government and we send our elected officials to represent us. When the elected officials stop representing The People it is time for them to answer to The People. If our Elected Officials won't help then WE THE PEOPLE should vote them out of office.