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who are the self proclamed socialist or communist

Did you know that there are over 80 members of Congress who are SELF- PROCLAIMED Socialists, Communists or Socialist Sympathizers?

Did you know that
70 of these members of Congress actually hold (or have held) membership in the Democratic Socialists of America... the American arm of Socialists International?

Did you know that
11 of the 20 standing committees in the House of Representatives are chaired by members of this radical group?

Did you know that up until the time she assumed the Office of Speaker of the House,
Nancy Pelosi was the chairman of this group and did you know that, up until the time he assumed (some say usurped) the office of President of the United States, Barack Obama was a member of this radical group?

It's not a conspiracy theory... in fact, it's not even an open secret. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that this radical group of Representatives and Senators have caucused openly in the United States Congress since 1991... but the Mainstream Media has never bothered to tell you about this group.

 Socialized Health Care... The Takeover (Nationalization) Of Major Sectors Of Our Economy... Out Of Control Spending... These Policies Are Not Simply The Result Of Incompetent Leadership... The Implementation Of These Policies Have Been In Works For Years.

Remember when Democrats in the House and the Senate first proposed ObamaCare.  Did you ever stop to wonder how they were able to produce over 2,000 pages of legislation in a matter of days?

And since they all admitted that they had not even read the legislation, did you ever stop to ask yourself who wrote it?

The plain and simple truth is that they didn't write it and they didn't see the need to read it because it written long ago and was gathering dust in a desk drawer... waiting for the "right" people to assume the reins of power in Congress and in the Oval Office.

Here's an indisputable fact, back in 2005, this group of Congressmen and Senators produced a document which advocated the following positions:

      1. The establishment of universal government provided health care.

2. The establishment of trade agreements that favor the rights of so-called foreign workers over Americans.
3. The legalization of so-called "same-sex marriage."
4. The establishment of a cut-and-run strategy from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
5. An increase in income tax rates and the establishment of wealth distribution policies by the federal government.


These are not the policies of your father's Democratic Party. These policies were part of a long-held plan, and now, with one of their former members occupying the White House, this radical group believes it can change the world as we know it... even if they have to ram these changed down our throats.

Of course, we the people have the power to stop them... but before we can stop them, we must know who they are... we must know their history... and we must know their agenda. go here to get the proof