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Veterans Drug Rehab

Since 2014, Addiction Center has been an informational web guide for those who are struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders. Addiction Center is owned by Recovery Worldwide, a national informational marketing umbrella for several addiction recovery-related properties. Addiction Center works with nationally recognized treatment facilities to provide treatment counseling, rehab placement and insurance/financial consultations for those seeking help.

All content included on Addiction Center is created by our team of researchers and journalists. The topics are chosen based on informational interviews with recovering addicts and treatment professionals to provide the most valuable information for our audience. All of our articles are fact-based and sourced from relevant publications, government agencies and medical journals.

Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans

They volunteered their time and service to our country. They sacrificed their comfort and peace of mind. “They” are the veterans of the United States military. Many men and women retire from the military with memories they wish they didn’t have. For many of them, these plaguing thoughts have the power to wreak havoc on their lives and those of their loved ones. In many cases, veterans turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of various mental disorders associated with these thoughts, especially PTSD. Luckily, there are resources available to help.

Are you a veteran struggling with a substance misuse or co-occurring disorder (PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.)? Are you a friend or other loved one of a veteran, and you want to learn more about substance use and PTSD among veterans or the ways you can help them? If so, you’ll find the answers to your questions on this page, including information on rehab centers and VA options.

Employment Resources For Military Spouses

It may seem stressful to consider working when balancing the demands of being a military spouse. Being a military spouse often means relocating. It may also mean being the primary caregiver during deployments and training away from home. However, many military spouses today are able to have full-time jobs that fit their lifestyle. This may include jobs with flexible schedules and work-from-home options.

Elderly Veterans

According to the 2012 U.S. Census brief, Veterans age 65 or older numbered in excess of 12.4 million. These Veterans served in conflicts around the world including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and even in the Persian Gulf War. As Veterans age, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will provide benefits and services that address a variety of issues including the changing health risks they face, as well as financial challenges through VA benefits and health services.
Survival Guide for Homeschooling through Deployment

The orders arrive and the countdown is on. Once deployment is mentioned we all become much more protective of this all too precious (and limited) family time. The flexibility of homeschooling allows us more of this togetherness.

Whether your separation is temporary or longer term, homeschooling on your own can be a challenge. We’re here to support! We polled several military homeschooling families for their advice.

God's Learning Channel

God's Learning Channel is a satellite network dedicated to bringing the gospel of the kingdom into the entire world and teaching everyone about the Torah and the true roots of Christianity. In 1982, Al and Tommie Cooper were given a vision of building a television network that would enrich the lives of people in the American Southwest. They began with their first full-powered broadcast station in Roswell, New Mexico. God had much bigger plans.

Since then, God's Learning Channel has grown to encompass not only New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado, Utah, Eastern Arizona, and Oklahoma, but today can be viewed anywhere worldwide. GLCs 24-hour broadcasts can now be seen via streaming media accessible from the GLC website. Moreover, GLC is also available on Cable systems across America and on Direct to Home Broadcasts through the Galaxy 25 (formerly IntelSat Americas 5) and AMC-4 (formerly GE 4) satellites for North America, the APR-1/Insat 2E satellite for the 10-40 Window (from Eastern Europe to India, China and Australia) , and the EutelSat W2 satellite for Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East as a means to reach the ends of the earth!

Why is GLC so adamant in standing with Israel?

Genesis 12:3 "And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed."

God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People of Israel. History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have in turn been blessed by God. Moreover, as the above scripture clearly demonstrates, the nations who have cursed Israel have been cursed by God. For this cause, we will not cease to pray that our government and all the governments of the world will support and stand with the Nation of Israel and her people.

We support Israel because all other nations were created by acts of men, but Israel was created by an act of God! The Land of Israel was given by God to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob with an everlasting and unconditional covenant. This covenant was ratified when God gave the Torah to Moses and has been confirmed throughout recorded history by the words of the prophets of old and by Jesus the Messiah and His disciples.

Many Christians today try to deny the Jewish origins or inherent "Jewishness" of the Christian faith. They fail to acknowledge that their Messiah, Jesus Himself, was Jewish and obeyed the Torah. Any doctrine that states, "The church has replaced the Jewish people as the Chosen Ones," is called Replacement Theology. GLC stands firmly against this unbiblical and anti-Semitic doctrine. Biblically, the church is grafted into the family of Israel by Christ as heirs according to the promise (see Galatians 3:29; Ephesians 3:6). So, if we be brothers and sisters of Israel, let us stand with Her! Let us continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem! 

Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund

It is time our President listened to the American people! Please tell the nation in your own words how Obamacare will affect you, your business and loved ones.

Submit your video, picture, or written testimony about your Obamacare concerns as we fight the looming deadline to defund Obamacare.

Ted Cruz U. S. Senator

In 2012, Ted Cruz was elected as the 34th U.S. Senator from Texas.  A passionate fighter for limited government, economic growth, and the Constitution, Ted won a decisive victory in both the Republican primary and the general election, despite having never before been elected to office.

Propelled by tens of thousands of grassroots activists across Texas, Ted’s election has been described by the Washington Post as “the biggest upset of 2012 . . . a true grassroots victory against very long odds.”

National Review has described Ted as “a great Reaganite hope,” columnist George Will has described him as “as good as it gets,” and the National Federation of Independent Business characterized his election as “critical to the small-business owners in [Texas, and], also to protecting free enterprise across America,”

Ted’s calling to public service is inspired largely by his first-hand observation of the pursuit of freedom and opportunity in America.  Ted’s mother was born in Delaware to an Irish and Italian working-class family; she became the first in her family to go to college, graduated from Rice University with a degree in mathematics, and became a pioneering computer programmer in the 1950s.

Ted’s father was born in Cuba, fought in the revolution, and was imprisoned and tortured.  He fled to Texas in 1957, penniless and not speaking a word of English.  He washed dishes for 50 cents an hour, paid his way through the University of Texas, and started a small business in the oil and gas industry.  Today, Ted’s father is a pastor in Dallas.

In the Senate, Ted serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; the Committee on Armed Services; the Committee on the Judiciary; the Special Committee on Aging; and the Committee on Rules and Administration.

Before being elected, Ted received national acclaim as the Solicitor General of Texas, the State's chief lawyer before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Serving under Attorney General Greg Abbott, Ted was the nation’s youngest Solicitor General, the longest serving Solicitor General in Texas, and the first Hispanic Solicitor General of Texas.

In private practice in Houston, Ted spent five years as a partner at one of the nation’s largest law firms, where he led the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national Appellate Litigation practice.

Ted has authored more than 80 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and argued 43 oral arguments, including nine before the U.S. Supreme Court.  During Ted’s service as Solicitor General, Texas achieved an unprecedented series of landmark national victories, including successfully defending:

  • U.S. sovereignty against the UN and the World Court in Medellin v. Texas;
  • The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms;
  • The constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument;
  • The constitutionality of the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance;
  • The constitutionality of the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law; and
  • The Texas congressional redistricting plan.

The National Law Journal has called Ted “a key voice” to whom “the [U.S. Supreme Court] Justices listen.”  Ted has been named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, by the National Law Journal as one of the 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America, and by Texas Lawyer as one of the 25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century.

From 2004-09, he taught U.S. Supreme Court Litigation as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law. 

Prior to becoming Solicitor General, he served as the Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, as Associate Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, and as Domestic Policy Advisor on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign. 

Ted graduated with honors from Princeton University and with high honors from Harvard Law School.  He served as a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist on the U.S. Supreme Court.  He was the first Hispanic ever to clerk for the Chief Justice of the United States. 

Ted and his wife Heidi live in his hometown of Houston, Texas, with their two young daughters Caroline and Catherine.  

Constitution Club USA

This website was created for serious American Patriots that is willing to invest a minimum of 30 minutes a day to educate themselves on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. It was created for students of all ages to learn the principles upon which our nation was founded. If have a sincere desire to become a Constitutional Scholar, you have come to the right place.

 The experiment in self government initiated by those that wrote the Constitution knew that in order for our nation to remain free, the people would need to be well informed and ever vigilant. They also knew that only a moral and virtuous people could remain free.

We have squandered the gift of liberty due to our lack of knowledge on the principles of sound government and are beginning to reap the reward for decades of negligence.

Educating ourselves and our fellow countrymen on the rights that were granted to us by our Creator and our responsibility to respect the lives, liberty and property of others is essential if our nation is to survive.

This website was created to be an educational resource center for Americans that understand that our God given rights are being threatened the secret combinations that are determined to enslave us.

Article V Project To Restore Liberty

Article V Project To Restore Liberty  STRIVES TO BE BOTH...we have only improved and made additions.
What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.
~Robert Green Ingersoll

For the saving Grace of our Nation and  to The People of this Great Land we dedicate our efforts to this project and this site.....

Project Appleseed

Project Appleseed is an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.  Our volunteer instructors travel across the country teaching those who attend about the difficult choices, the heroic actions, and the sacrifices that the Founders made on behalf of modern Americans, all of whom are their posterity.

Through Project Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association is committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage. We do this for one simple reason, the skill and knowledge of what our founding fathers left to us is eroding in modern America and without deliberate action, they will be lost to ignorance and apathy.

Prairie Fox Survival

The purpose of Prairie Fox Survival is not to teach people how to live in a dugout or skin and cook a rat but to live in a changing world.

With the unrest we deal with through a struggling economy, inflation causing our buying power to shrink and the possibility of our national debt bankrupting our country many people are taking a hard look at their future.

Not only are young people seeing less chance for a brighter future but older ones are taking a hard look at their future.

As large government is putting more rules and regulations on businesses employers are cutting cost by downsizing inventory, cutting labor or workers hours and having their products made in foreign countries.

People who have accepted that government will support them are going to be let down when they wake up one morning to hear their Food Stamps and government checks can no longer be sent.

What we could see are people panicking because they have no food, water or drugs. If that happens you better have a way to protect what you have. When people can not feed themselves or their family they will stop at nothing to take from others, even to the point of murder.

My fear is not of December 21, Nostradamus, a Mayan Calendar or a nuclear fallout. If that happens have a glass of wine take a look around, then bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. My fear is what the person down the street does when he has no electricity, heat, food and water.

Will he or she endanger my family in order to get what they need? The answer to this is yes. Quit living like there is not tomorrow and start preparing. There are many ways to do this even on a low budget. Our ancestors built this Country without electricity, internet or a monthly government check.

The four things you need in order to survive are water, food, a roof of some kind over your head and heat. There are many ways to obtain these items. Through this website along
with others we hope to show people how. The body can adapt to many changes. Most of the time peoples problems are increased because of the barriers they build in their minds. Knowledge can change that.

We look forward to hearing your views and suggestions. People working together can and will take our Country back. It is a shame to see someone starve when their is food all around them but they can't see it.

America Working

Our purpose of making this video, is to help educate our people and to prepare them for the election of 2012. This is our last stand for freedom. We must come together as Americans and take back our land and government or the damage that will be done will be irreversible.

If you love your country and are thankful for what our founding forefathers gave us, then we should do the same for our children and theirs for centuries to come. In all of history the only form of government that coincides with freedom, that stands and defends freedom, that protects WE THE PEOPLE according to the law of the land is a conservative Republic.

It is time to restore our land. One flag, one language, one country. Help us to get this message out and thank you.

BigDawg Radio

Music for the RIGHT Side of the Brain

24/7 Conservative - Libertarian Artists
We are the New Breed of Conservative - Libertarian Cultural Creatives
- Bold & Fearless -

Conservative - Libertarian Culture Warriors Bringing the Culture Revolution to Your Internet Radio
- Music for the RIGHT Side of Your Brain -
BigDawg Music Radio - Where 'Conservative' is not a dirty word

** You can find more information on all the Artists at BigDawg Music Mafia.com **

American Doctors 4 Truth We believe that the doctors who actually care for America’s patients have valuable insight and wisdom to share. We have waited too long for a national voice to inform the average American citizen about the hazards of the new health care law and to lead the way with reform. The time for waiting is over. This website is the beginning of such a voice.

International Capitalist Party


We believe that all people, no matter what circumstance they are born into, should be allowed and encouraged to reach their higest potential. When people reach their potential, the lives of all people are improved. Making it easier for other people to reach their potential, creating a feedback loop. A feedback loop that makes this time on Earth a little better for us all.

Dustin Stockton

As a father of three young daughters, Dustin knew he could not sit idle and watch while their future was destroyed by elected officials controlled by special interest groups. Believing that the most effective way to make a difference was to support candidates that would fight for “We the People,” he formed the Western Representation PAC with his dad. What began as a conversation during Thanksgiving dinner in 2009 has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing political groups in the nation.

U.S. Patriots Union The US Patriots Union evolved from a test entity formed in November 2009, which sought to convert patriotic rally energy into real actions across the country. Now is the time, and there must be a place and a way for like-minded patriots to unify in strategic action, combining individual talents and resources in a collective effort to return the power to the right people.
stand up America

Stand Up America, in its core quest for those who wish to bring America back to its core values, principles, and design; we wish to provide you with not just a list of our partners and like minded friends and allies, we want you to be able to see how this movement is coming together in a cohesive manner. Far too often, it’s difficult to see the whole picture, but at SUA, that is our goal; provide that umbrella that shows our network, your network. If you wish to be posted here, we welcome the request. 

FOUNDING FATHERS One of the most important works on political theory ever written. Check out this very readable online edition.
Honor and Remember OUR MISSION To establish a tangible national symbol of gratitude, as a visible public reminder to all Americans, that perpetually recognizes all military lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.
Well Regulated American Militias We dedicate our hearts, minds and bodies to protecting our great Republic!

Proud American Vet

I believe in what America stands for, even if there are those disparaging individuals amongst us, that try to change or alter the vision of our Founding Fathers.  I also believe there is an awakening and a resurgence in our country. 

Lighthouse Food Farm

Lighthouse Food Farm wants to give Hungry Americans hope where there is no hope. Lighthouse Food Farm is a standalone Christian Agency and is depending upon many Companies and Individuals like you to help with this greatly needed work that serves so many.